Instinct Backpack – The App-enabled Functional Backpack

Instinct Backpack is a travel modular backpack that comes with an app. In the review section below, we will discuss what you need to know before buying this bag.

Kicking off a new year, are you still using your aged backpack? If so, it’s about the time to reward yourself a fresh look for a great start. With so many choices of backpacks on the market, you will never run out of options. To name a few, there is modern style daypack for daily use, lightweight & functional type for hikers, handle & rolling-enabled feature for traveling, and the list goes on.

Since you are already here for the backpack, there is a good news for you.

Last month, I stumbled across an awesome backpack that called Använda and has written an article about this well-received backpack. The original goal for Använda’s Kickstarter funding was only $12K, but it’s now reaching a staggering $440K from more than 4000 backers to support their project. Check it out, it worth your time.

To discover what’s so magical about Använda, I am going to compare an equivalently good backpack to it.


Meet Instinct backpack.

What exactly is this bag?

Instinct Packing System, or the Instinct Backpack, is a thoughtful modular backpack for traveling. It features a modular system that comes with 6 “Incube” for easy storing and well-organized system. The Incube system includes:

  • Toiletries Incube – A hangable 3-level cube for shampoos, face creams, soap, toothbrush and so on.
  • Electronic Incube – A 3-level cube that comes with mesh pocket and elastic bands to prevent wire tangling. You can store your USB, memory cards, cable, charger, and power bank.
  • Compression Incube – A compressable zipper for a 30% extra space when needed. This cube has an inner waterproof fabrics bag to separate your dirty clothes from clean’s.
  • DSLR Incube – This cube is optional to others, but a must-have for photographers. It has 3 divided and padded sidewalls compartment to protect your camera, tripod, and lens. Designed with a shoulder strap, It can be used separately.
  • Shirt & Tie Incube – Designed for businessman, this compartment is to keep your formal shirt wrinkle-free without having to iron your dress & shirts over and over again.
  • RFID-Blocking Passport Incube – These days, an RFID-blocking compartment is a must-have. It helps to keep your cards and passport safe from being used in crime via RFID skimming.

Each Incube has Velcro at the back to attach to the backpack inner. What’s cool about this backpack is that it can open on the side, and is able to conveniently change into suitcase mode with just a quick roll. The Instinct Backpack is made of 900D Nylon fabric and the external layer composes of PU leather plus a water-resistant coating to protect your stuff from the rain. Made with travelers in mind, it also has a sternum strap, side coin pocket for your small item, and an external charging port for a quick access to your battery juice.

Also, it even comes with a mobile app. The app notifies you about the weather forecast for the destination and also a checklist in case if you forget to bring something! The app includes other functions, such as a trip reminder, currency exchange rate, and information about the socket type.

Instinct Backpack also offers some other useful features, including a Velcro compartment for laptop and tablet, a room for your shoes, a protective pocket at the top, and a safety pocket facing your back.

Review and Discussion – Worth a buy?

Like many other backpacks that we mentioned before, Instinct Backpack is a similar alternative but a thoughtful one. Put it short, this backpack is a combination of all useful features that you wish for, in one. That’s also what makes it generic and does not stand out from the crowd as this backpack is just another “spin” from the others. Fortunately, what present in it but has not found on others is this one cool feature — the mobile app.

Very few backpacks come with a mobile app, in fact, you rarely find one.

Even though the app works standalone and does not connect to the backpack itself, such as lacking a sensor/chip on the Incube, which I find it less useful and gimmicky. That’s also the reason of why most backpack does not come with one, it’s simply because we don’t really need it. A simple notepad or a reminder app can easily replace the functionality.

For material, Instinct Backpack is made of Nylon 900D fabric which is indeed durable and resilient, but in comparison to other polyester backpacks like this one (Amazon), Nylon fabrics fade easily under the sunlight and are not recyclable. However, the cool part is the functionality. Although this backpack does not come with a stylish and modern design like the Använda, the ergonomic and minimalistic design definitely wins a higher point.

On the other hand, the modular system offers a number of Incubes. Mostly are used to serve a good function, however, the Shirt & Tie Incube, in particular, is not. Folding your shirt into the small Incube will most possibly make it more or less with wrinkles, even it’s claimed as wrinkle-free Incube. On the Kickstarter page, the Shirt & Tie Incube Gif with a tight Velcro strapping at the end turns it into a less convincing claim from a customer standpoint.

Nonetheless, many hotels and homestay service do provide an iron and board for clothing, or sometimes a paid ironing service. So, this should not be a big deal. Alternatively, get yourself a wrinkle-free shirt like this one from Amazon for a peace of mind.

Overall, Instinct Backpack does not come with a one-in-a-million stunning look, but it is simple and useful in its own way. From the reflective safety strips to the ventilated back panel and till the Incube modular system, I am sure you will find a somewhat similar product on the market, but will not be as comprehensive as the Instinct Backpack.