IronWire 2 – The cable that pulls a car


Let’s face it, our average cable doesn’t last long. It happens to most of us mobile phone users, even if getting a new cable isn’t a big deal, but it sure is annoying when you see your cable broken again. Here we stumbled across a new cable called IronWire 2 on Indiegogo that claims to be the best cable ever.

In this section below, we will review the campaign (and also the previous backer’s feedback) and discuss whether if you should really spend money on this cable. Or it’s just simply too good to be true?


We will see.

Review and Discussion — Is it worth it?

It’s a 2.0 version, so the first version was… exactly the same as the 2.0. What?

Yes, you heard it right. It’s almost very unusual to put it into words that the 2.0 version is entirely the same just that they went through more bending test from 20,000 to 50,000 times with none material and design improvement. So it’s reasonable to believe that the IronWire 3.0 version would probably be 70,000 times bending tests.


While re-launching a funded campaign is not allowed, to put it short, the creator is playing smart to make full use of the crowdfunding platform. Certainly, selling the item outside is apparently much harder than within the aura of “crowdfunding creative project”. Plus, there will be tons of similar strong competitors like this one to dilute the market.

Anyway, that should be a better customer service to count on, right? Below is the screenshot of some of the backer’s comments from the previous IronWire 1.0 on Kickstarter.

There are a lot of them, so I just picked a recent few.

So you must be thinking they probably have like thousands of backers to reach out to, and they can hardly make it on time, right? It’s a total of just 150 backers of them. Aside from the shipping problems, the creators seem to have a poor communication with the backers, at least in properly explaining the situation, instead of leaving many backers hanging in rage while doing a seemingly great pre-sale service on the new campaign.

Meanwhile, this time on Indiegogo they have over 2000 backers waiting happily.


In overall, Is it worth it? Yes, we do believe that they provide a quality cable, at the very least that there is almost no negative feedback on the quality part yet. However, we don’t think they did a good job of handing the after-sale customer service.