KEEGO – The Squeezable Metal Water Bottle

The KEEGO squeezable metal water bottle is unique in that it’s made from 99.8% of titanium, but you can still squeeze it to drink from it. In this review, you will learn if this water bottle really worth a buy.

So, what makes this bottle different?

There’s an elastic core that makes the bottle bounce back after you squeeze it. The titanium is said to possibly be slightly safer for you to drink from because there are fewer contaminants that get in your water which often happening in the most plastic water bottles.

The creators also claim that plastic water bottles make water taste bad (due to the chemical substances) and that the KEEGO bottle doesn’t give your water a bad taste.

Although the creators advertise that the KEEGO bottle is healthier than using plastic water bottles and more environmentally friendly, that’s up for debate.


Send the bottle back… for recycling?

The only real suggestion that they have about recycling it is to send it back to them and they’ll supposedly recycle it for you. Not only is it kind of a hassle to do that, it’s not said what they actually do with the bottles. So, it could be environmentally friendly, but it could be quite the opposite, as well.

A gimmick?

Review and Discussion โ€” Is this bottle worth your money?

While the bottle has a patent pending (design) on it and lack of lab analysis to prove the claims, it could still have components in it that break down and contaminate your drinks over time. At this point, no one can be certain.

Likewise to metal bottle, the KEEGO bottle won’t completely prevent mold. But, it claims to keep it away longer than plastic bottles do. This doesn’t work if you don’t take it apart and clean it, however. You just have to remember to take the silicon tip-off and clean it inside and out, as well. Otherwise, mold and contaminants can get on the underside of the tip and other places where you can’t see it and grow.

The creators advertise that the KEEGO bottle is durable, sturdy and lasts a long time.

Testing has apparently been done on prototypes because one reply to a comment asking how long it would last says that they will bounce back after having been squeezed approximately 10,000 times. That could be true and so do most of the plastic bottle at only a tiny fraction of the KEEGO price.

That said, KEEGO is currently available for $59 (Early Bird) on Indiegogo.

The catch is, the shipping cost is significantly more when ordering more than one bottle โ€” even when you only order two. For this, there’s no officially clear explanation given for this charge. Even the shipping charges on one bottle aren’t clearly stated. All they say is that it’s approximately $10, plus customs and taxes.

The bottle itself is approximately $60, so extra shipping could make an already pricey item even more expensive.

Also, even if you do go ahead and pay the extra shipping, the taxes and everything, you won’t receive your bottle until sometime around August.

With all of the features that the KEEGO bottle boasts, there’s one major oversight: It’s not insulated. By right, titanium is a metal with poor thermal conductivity (meaning it reacts poorly with heat), which should be a good heat/cold insulator. While the fusion technology and material did not disclose, we can’t come out with a conclusive statement regarding the “99.8% pure titanium” claims.

A titanium, or a plastic mix metal-look?

The creators state that you can freeze the bottle, or put hot liquids in it up to 90 degrees Celsius. In fact, it appears to be weaker than most of the existing good heat bottle (my bottle suggestion) in the market.

I’m personally not convinced that the KEEGO bottle is worth the money they’re asking for it. The only feature that you can’t really get elsewhere is the fact that you can squeeze it. But, the fact that it isn’t insulated is a major drawback. You can buy metal water bottles (Like this oneย costs only half the KEEGO’s price) that actually are insulated for significantly less. They’ll actually keep your drinks cold, you won’t have to worry about wacky shipping costs, wonder how it’s made and from what, or wait until August to get it.