Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster

Kelvin Coffee Roaster is a new coffee roaster for a better cup of coffee. In this short review, we will walk you through the other facets of whether is this coffee roaster worth a buy.

One of the most important morning rituals is to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed morning coffee, and it’s the best way to kickstart a day. While some may prefer to roast/brew a customized aroma coffee themselves, others favor the conveniences of local coffee shops. Either way, the romance of coffee never ends.

To coffee stalwarts, they often bought the pre-roasted coffee beans and brew the coffee themselves. However, pre-roasted beans are usually expensive and lose its favor in days whereas unroasted beans can last so much longer. Therefore, in combined with this coffee press that gives you no mess which we covered a while ago, here is a new home coffee roaster that brings your morning ritual to the next level.

So, I assume that you have watched the pitch video above, below we will discuss if you should spend money on it.

Review and Discussion — Is this coffee roaster worth buying?

The Kelvin roaster makes everything sounds easy, but there are some common problems involved in roasting your own coffee beans — long enduring time and the smoke. The time and process involved are expected, while for the smoke problem, there is so far no good solution and therefore it must be roasted in a well-ventilated area.


This machine is less customizable and everything is in a done-for-you by their pre-set system, except for the roasting time. That said, in compared to this cheaper one, you can’t adjust Kelvin’s temperature, fan speed, or even cool it down when needed. Although it doesn’t sound important to the coffee novice, it’s actually a pain in the neck to many coffee enthusiasts who would love to drink certain coffee roasts, e.g. Vienna roast.

On one hand, the two most important factors in roasting a good batch of coffee beans are in fact the time and temperature. Kelvin Coffee Roaster does provide a sleek LCD to display the time, but left alone the temperature which is crucial for roasting the higher level of aromatic coffee beans. Together with the temperature, it’s also related to the timing for the second crack.

On the third updates of the campaign, the creators have finally released a demo video to show the actual working prototype roasting the beans. However, the roasting of 60g doesn’t seem anywhere near how it should be in the pitch video. In fact, the finished roasted beans show a lack of color consistency. On the other hand, the cooling cycle is longer than expected (about 5min) and therefore affecting the overall roasting time, which doesn’t correspond to what the campaign promised “roast coffee in less than 10 minutes” claims.

After roasting the beans at about 400º Fahrenheit, you will be required to take off the metal top by hands which will then be very hot. So, you will probably have to leave it sitting to cool down for a while before even touch it.

On the backer’s discussion site, many backers are not very happy seeing the creators selectively ignoring some backers who were asking the technical questions. That’ve had put the campaign’s trustability on the line and many unhappy backers were then dropping out their pledges.

Overall, is this coffee roaster worth it? It’s a no from us. Other than having a minimalist sleek design, many were unsatisfied with the features, poor communication with the creators and also the fairly high price in compared to the existing coffee roaster like this one which has been tested by hundreds of people with good ratings. Furthermore, by adding up the shipping and customs related fees, this coffee roaster costs you more than $300. To us, the risk just isn’t worth it.