KKA S1 Electric Skateboard: Land Surfing / Skiing With Maximum Mobility


KKA S1 is an advanced electric skateboard different from your regular skateboard.

Electric skateboard is a motorized skateboard as a mean of light transportation than sport. Just like scootering, everything is great except that it’s not rainproof. It does not cost you a bank, in fact, you can now easily get an e-skateboard for less than $200 on Amazon. For electric skateboard, there is quite a choice on Amazon. For example, this affordable minimalist electric skateboard gives you a speed up to 12 mph, perfect for the daily commute.


Certainly, if you don’t mind spending more on a better quality skateboard, this one high-end board by Boosted or the EPIKGO skateboard (below 1k) are then the few of the best-recommended options.

But how is this KKA S1 different than others?

Put it short, the KKA S1 is literally the Four-wheel in the game.


Review and Discussion – Is this skateboard worth buying?

Only a fraction of the price, KKA S1 comes pack with features.

The regular skateboard limits fun to only playable on the flat ground. While KKA S1, the four-wheel, can lay its foot even on the toughest terrain you imagine. It gives riders the flexibility to be maneuvered on the on- and off-road, including gravel, sand, rocks, lawn and even on the mud. The spring-loaded elevated design reminds me of the jumping stilts and is the main selling point that gives you the smooth feeling of surfing/skiing on the land. From the office to the place of your choice, at no restriction.

Be seen. Whatever you do, safety comes first. KKA S1 Skateboard has a built-in bright headlight and a flash taillight.

KKA S1 Skateboard is made of strong carbon fiber. The rocker bridge chassis with 5″ bullet PU tire makes it perfect for poor road conditions, small turning radius and even an uphill angle (up to max 25°). While you might not be able to do tricks like the regular skateboard, KKA S1 Skateboard weights 28lbs/13kg. This is heavier than most other electrical skateboards and is, therefore, cause it to have a poor portability. Compromising the weight, KKA S1 Skateboard is the Hulk in the game.

The four-wheel runs on mud, and so is the KKA S1. KKA S1 Skateboard does not technically run in the mud, but you don’t have to worry if accidentally fell into one. However, it’s totally fine for puddles. It is water resistant, rainproof and designed for most outdoor fun. So, the one last thing you need to worry is the battery. Built with 8.8 Ah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, a single charge can last up to 3 days making it much longer than others. Each recharge takes about 2.5 hours. While the larger battery not only gives added weights but may also pose a danger. Therefore, KKA S1 has their safety measures in place to cover for flame retardant, overheating protection and explosion protection.

KKA S1 Skateboard is controllable. Simply pair it with your smartphones via Bluetooth, or use the provided remote controller on-the-go!

For speed, KKA S1 Skateboard is fast and powerful too! Powered by 500W hub DC double motor with a max rotational speed of 1800 rpm. This skateboard gives you a speed up to 22mph (35km/h) for a mileage of 25-mile (40km) per full charge.

Comparing the similar products

There are quite a number of skateboards on the market.

One of the recommended skateboard similar to KKA S1 Skateboard is the boosted 2nd generation skateboard. They both have the same great features, i.e. the strong uphill climbing, speedy, and remotely controllable. In term of fashionable and portability, Boosted is much better in a sense that it weighs only 15 lbs and has a simple minimalistic appearance just like any other skateboard. While the letdown is the price of Boosted is more than a double of KKS S1’s, However, Boosted stands up by the good reviews from its customers.

On the other hand, KKA S1 Skateboard aims for a new area. KKA S1, unlike the regular skateboard, is harsh and powerful for rough road condition. The four-wheel drive in skateboard, literally. And the best part, the price.


KKA S1 Skateboard is now funding on Kickstarter starts at only $698. The quantity is limited to only first 20 backers, grab one while you still can. Check the link below for a limited exclusive price.

Why is this project get suspended?

For the backers, do not need to worry as the Kickstarter will cancel your pledge automatically and will not charge your credit card if the project has been suspended. For the reason of suspension, so far, the creators did not officially explain the circumstances neither any updates on the web. As normally, the Kickstarter will have a very strong reason to suspend a project, very few of them can make it through to lift the suspension.

In most cases, the reason for that is because of creators often misuse the crowdfunding platform to sell or re-sell a product that is already existing in the market. One backer has even found this product selling on a China wholesale website and here is the proof. Until the truth to be told, many backers were upset about this incident and look for alternative elsewhere. Meanwhile, here is my recommended electrical skateboard I found on Amazon at only half the price.