Kloters RepAir – The Shirt That Filters Air Pollutants

This review is sponsored by Kloters. We received a Kloters RepAir in exchange for our honest review. 

RepAir by KLOTERS is the new project that’s currently funding on Kickstarter. Fortunately, I’ve got a sample from the KLOTERS so we can dig deep into the quality and detail of this shirt, and ultimately, to give you a rough idea of whether is this shirt really worth a buy. Don’t worry, as usual, this review remains unbiased.

T-shirt projects are quite commonly found on Kickstarter, and we have actually covered a lot of them. Particularly, there was one we have given 7.3 scores is this stain-odor repelling t-shirt by LabFresh. It’s a good deal.

Back to RepAir, this shirt claims to absorb air pollutant emission of 2 cars. Sounds amazing right? we will see.

Review and Discussion – Is it worth it?

First off, the first impression is the softness and denseness of this shirt. It looks and feels pretty much like any sportswear, but denser and cold to touch. I can imagine wearing this shirt comfortably all day long or throughout the trip.

It says ” KLOTTERS, Miland”

I am curious about the moisture wicking ability so I’ve decided to put some water on it. At first, I thought that the water would seep through the fabric pretty quickly, without retaining much water on the shirt.  And yes, I was half right, due to the fact that it’s made of 100% cotton, it does absorb some water just like any other shirt and appeared denser.

So, I am not sure why Jeff said in his RepAir review that the sweat would not stick to the body. In my case, it will.

So here comes the magical part.

The next is the insect pocket for the Breath®. Breath® is a specially designed insert to place in the front zipped pocket of the shirt. It helps to absorb the harmful environmental pollutant molecules that are present around us and make our city a little bit cleaner, perhaps.

While each Breath® Insert lasts for about 1 year, you will need to replace the used Breath® via their website for about $12 each.

Yes, it’s not the shirt itself that absorbs the pollutants, but the Breath® insert. Without the Breath® insert, the pocket column shows a little bit yellowish to the white shirt. While you are still fine to place any valuable inside, such as a passport or even wallet. It can be very useful.


In overall, is it worth it? Maybe. We love the fact that it’s very comfortable, fresh and cold to wear for a long time. As for the pollution gimmicky, we are not really sure people will buy the idea. The fact is two car worth of pollutant per year is really insignificant for the environment wellness. Plus, you will always need to remind yourself to put in the Breath® filter just about everytime, at this point, I don’t think it’s a viable solution for the problem.

Each Kloter RepAir is now available for about $45 (included $12 for shipping).