LABFRESH – The T-shirt Without Stains and Odour

LabFresh has a new t-shirt that resists to stains and body odor. Below in this review, we will discuss if this thing worth a buy.

Having a shirt that repels stains and odor is definitely an impressive idea in 2008, but not for 2018 anymore. That said, we have been bombarded by many “waterproof” and “stainproof” shirt or related projects on the crowdfunding platform before.

While the deadly fact is that, many of these ideas turned out not working quite well (otherwise you were already wearing it right now) and the others failed miserably.

Below is the backers’ comments from a past shirt project in 2013 that claims to be self-cleaning with the nanotechnology:


Under the same principle, we have also stumbled across a similar 100% waterproof sneaker not too long ago. While the nanotechnology has exerted an impressive impact on the electronic advancement, the similar idea seems to bring in a relatively poorer result in the textile industry.

Back to the LabFresh shirt, does it worth your money?

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this shirt?

LabFresh EU-made t-shirt featuring two layers, where the outer layer is the hydrophobic coating treated layer to repel the liquid and the inner layer is your regular clothing fabric with silver particle integrated. While the idea itself is neither new nor innovative, in fact, there are already tons of similar products in the market, such as this one I found on Amazon.

It may sound cool at first, but what they don’t tell you is that the hydrophobic properties don’t last a lifetime. Just like how Gizmodo put it after tested a similar product, they found that the shirt is not that miraculous after a merely 5 washes.

Likewise, LabFresh claims that the shirts last 50 washes until you see a significant loss of waterproofing properties. But in reality, it often shows otherwise. Below is the reply (from their previous project) by the creators:

Although the result may vary on the material blends and also the strength of hydrophobic coating by the manufacturer, this is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons of why these gimmicky stainproof shirts didn’t get much love from the people.

On the other hand, LabFresh t-shirt lack of color and style options for the backers to choose from, such as the female sizing, slim fit, long sleeves and v-neck version as requested by many.

Also, since the sizing for Asian is quite different from European’s, choosing the correct size needs to be careful (if you’re from Asia).

Overall, is this shirt worth it? Yes, if you don’t mind spending a little bit more for the gimmick. To me, another issue is the price and shipping fee, which add up to more than $60 for just a t-shirt (here is a 50% cheaper alternative), and I think I would prefer my premium $15 t-shirt. Nonetheless, the creators seem dedicated and promising to this project and many ex-backers are quite happy with their previous campaign, so it’s worth a try.