LeveTop: The Autonomous Folding Drone with 20min Flight Time


LeveTop is a smart yet affordable drone. In this review, you will learn whether you should spend money on this new drone.

Drone is never a scarcity and it’s getting saturated in the market. With that said, there are tons of them having a fairly good price ranging from a few tens of dollars China-made cheap drone like this one to up to a few thousands of dollars top-notch DJI drones. Likewise, there is one notable 4K drone that we reviewed recently called PITTA on Kickstarter, which apparently sleeker and have better specs than this LeveTop new drone.


For LeveTop, it has a rather average specification with a few standout features that are price-worthy. So if you are thinking to get yourself this new LeveTop drone via Kickstarter, below is what you should be taking note of.

Review and Discussion – Should you buy this drone?

We have a common perception of how a drone should look, but not in the case of LeveTop drone. Apparently, LeveTop has a very much unconventional appearance in oppose to how a regular drone should look, which personally to me, as if it’s carrying a cylindrical water tumbler. That said, it doesn’t surprise me a lot as I have seen a way cool drone design that can even be folded into a phone case.

To many, the design is aesthetically appealing whereas pretty much unattractive to some. It’s a subjective opinion.


At the $139 (Early Bird) price point, LeveTop features the 1080p full HD camera definition which is still reasonable, as to most other similar better-quality 1080p drones can go a little bit higher than $150.

So, if you missed the early bird deal, this may not be that much of its worth. That said, you still can find a few of them are actually lesser than $100 for full HD. Even though most of them are having crappy reviews or the lower specs altogether, but this one by QCopter is still one of the few that actually worth buying.

Compromising the look, LeveTop is having a 20min flight time with only a 1500 mAh battery. Meanwhile, the low capacity didn’t really cut short your charging time — approximately 2 hours.

The average flight time for the regular drone is 5-15 min considering some of the features are turned off. Likewise, LeveTop’s 20 min flight time is when everything is happening in an ideal environment with a few battery-draining features turning off.

So, in most cases, you can expect to have a 15-20 min.

Definitely not the best in class, but LeveTop is not a bad drone in overall. It comes with a few attractive features such as the autonomous GPS tracking, good flight time and full HD 1080p camera. In fact, the specs are slightly better than the low end at an okay price point, only if you are able to get an early bird deal. Otherwise, you would be better off to spend a little bit more to get a better drone like this one.