LEZÉ The Label: Pants made with Coffee & Recycle Plastic Bottle

This review will tell you whether this pant worth buying.

LEZÉ The Label is a clothing brand from Canada that had their new Kickstarter campaign up and running. The campaign is so interesting that it quickly attracts attention from people all over the world. Launched on November 15, it is 100% funded within just 12 hours and it’s now well over 2000% pledges of its original goal.

Thanks to the help of over 1000 backers who support the idea, LEZÉ gains a huge success by mixing up 3 main elements — coffee, clothing, and recycling of plastic bottle.

So, does it REALLY worth?

Instead of targeting expansive high-end dress pant material, LEZÉ The Label knows what most ladies are looking for — comfort, fit and versatility.

We knew that most formal dress pants are not comfortable for hours of wearing and serves for only one purpose — for work. LEZÉ pants, on the other hand, LEZÉ pants are comfortable and stretchy, just like your pajamas. Also, it looks formal and yet so cozy for any big events or functions you may want to attend.

And… Of course,

To fit your modern lifestyle, LEZÉ needs to be comfortable and also fashionable. It features the wrinkle-resistant properties and comes with a flexible waistband for your daily outfit vibes. The waistband is 3″ thick with 1.5″ elasticity and is removable if you want to. Whatever errands at hand, squat down or stand up, LEZÉ pants provides the maximum comfort at only a fraction of your formal dress pant.

Most importantly, the material?

Regardless of the material, prolong hours of sitting can make your lower back and inner thigh sweaty. LEZÉ pant is very breathable and is able to wick moisture away 200% faster than cotton. Also, the micro-pores from coffee yarns hasten the drying process and neutralize the odor effectively. Therefore, leaving your LEZÉ pant always fresh and dry.

As a plus, LEZÉ is machine washable.

Review and Comparison – Worth the money?

Afterall, we simply can’t ignore the fact that most of the regular dress pants are cheaper in price, such as this Amazon’s Choice dress pant that I found on Amazon. LEZÉ, however, still fall below the price range of most other branded dress pants.

The best part, you’re saving our earth too! Each pant is made up of 14.5 plastic bottles. Whereby the bottles otherwise end up in the landfill, combustion (produce greenhouse gases) or stay forever in the ocean. With the help of certified manufacturers, LEZÉ pants use yarns made from discard coffee grounds and the used plastic bottles. The polyester and coffee yarns will then knitted into fabrics and made into LEZÉ pants. The manufacturing process takes place at Blue Sign and Global Recycle Standard certified facilities.  

Price and Warranty

LEZÉ The Label is willing to give you a lifetime warranty. Each pants from LEZÉ The Label is now available at only $70 on Kickstarter. However, the units are limited, you can save up to 50% discount cut off their future retail price. Click here to get LEZÉ now.

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