LIMBO – The Self-balancing Electric Spinning Top

LIMBO, by Fearless Toys, is an electric spinning top project that’s funding on Indiegogo. Here in this article, we will go through the important detail which you need to be noted before spending money on this pricey toy.

A spinning top is a very cool toy that serves our childhood well. Most of the regular non-electric metal spinning tops are like this one, and they come in various shapes and designs. For the spinning time, it’s usually lesser than 10 minutes or so.

LIMBO, on the other hand, claims to give you a way longer spinning time for up to 4 hours. It’s rechargeable via USB and it just broke a Guinness World Record of 27-hours (24-hours previously) under the Longest Spinning Mechanical Top Category.

As for us, it’s certainly a good tabletop decoration for the office, but what’s beyond that?

Review and Discussion — Is it really worth it?

First, LIMBO requires battery re-charging.


It’s not like your normal spinning top gryo, which charging is not needed. That said, you will have to recharge LIMBO again and again. Specifically, a 30-minute re-charge allows you to put it spinning for up to 4 hours. That’s to say, you will need to recharge it every 4 hours and it surely is a hassle until you’re tired of it. On one hand, that’s also the reason why the playtime is said to be 4 hours but not longer than that — battery capacity limitation.

The battery for regular LIMBO is 3.7V with 55 mAh.

If you would like to go for a longer spin, just like the Guinness World Record’s, you will then have to buy the WR version. Most of the mechanism stays the same, but it has a different type of battery and material used. In fact, the regular $50 LIMBO is made of aluminum, but for the WR version, it’s made of titanium (heavier and stronger) and starts at a price ($300) or 6x to the regular LIMBO.

More importantly, there is a statement on the page:

LIMBO WR can spin for over 40 hours, so you can set your own record 🙂

It means that the total battery capacity allows you to go for a cumulative of 40 hours, not necessarily in one go. Although the company claimed that it’s possible to spin for up to 40 hours and they are not doing it during the Guinness World Record event for some reason, it’s not really difficult to make a demo video to support the claim by putting the WR LIMBO into an experiment.

As far as many backers confused about the battery, for the WR version, please be noted that the battery is not the regular coin battery, and it’s also non-rechargeable (disposable). Each battery lasts for 40 hours, you’ll get 4 batteries in the reward bundle kit. Also, after the campaign ended, you will be able to purchase the battery replacement via their website. As for the regular users, it would be better off to go for the standard $50 version (rechargeable) as you don’t need to replace the battery again and again.

For WR version, the battery is 3.6V with 550 mAh.

Although it’s claimed to spin for 4 hours, the actual duration will be affected by the state of the mechanical system as well as the environmental factors, or even just leave it on standby after recharging (there is no button to shut it off).

If you are choosing the LIMBO reward tier without the base, please be aware that hours of high-speed spinning at one spot may damage your furniture. Thinking about using it on a glass or hard surface then? the ball bearing of LIMBO may then be the one get damaged. Therefore, I would suggest you go for the reward tier with a base. Plus, the base looks not half bad.

On the other hand, many backers have asked for the USB-C version for the LIMBO, instead of micro USB. As for now, the creator is still in planning and unconfirmed about this feature as it requires a big structural redesign of LIMBO.  Also, there is other who don’t agree with it:


Overall, is it worth it? It’s a yes from us, a little pricey but still reasonable as it’s a decorative toy after all. However, we don’t advise you to go for the WR version unless you have a good reason for that — 6x more expensive and the hassle of battery replacement.