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LooLoo: The No-stink Toilet Freshener and Nightlight

Looloo is an automatic toilet freshener that promises no bad smell. In this review, you will learn whether is this new freshener worth a buy.

The embarrassing poop smell after using the toilet is a nightmare and the worst office talk. It’s even more awkward when your co-workers or home party guests discuss publicly about how to “clean the air” after walking off from the toilet.

For this, LooLoo has a solution and it’s, however, far from revolutionary. So, you know what is LooLoo toilet freshener after watching the humor promo video, but you might not aware that there are actually many similar products that use the exact same technology on this issue already.

And one of them is this spray I found on Amazon called Poo-Pourri. In fact, the majority of customers have given positive reviews after using that product, and is no doubt the best-in-class.

So, LooLoo implemented the same principle on the toilet nightlight idea, and step right into the ring.

But does it really worth?

Review and discussion — Should you buy this toilet freshener?

LooLoo toilet freshener is an automatic spray just like your toilet nightlight. It detects your motion and sprays the essential oils onto the water surface.

The idea behind is to use the essential oil to cover up the water surface for a pre-poop preparation and wrap around the feces once it’s dropped. The fact is, it takes a few minutes until everything kicking-in — to allow the surface to be fully covered up by the oil. That’s the exact reason of why this kind of product fail somebody if they were in a rush, wishing for an immediate action.

Plus, the process greatly depends on various factors, including what you have eaten for the day (the ingredient), the shape of your feces, speed of plunge, volume of stools, the “hanging time”, etc. In the end, you might end up with a not-less-expected perfume mix awful smell.

One example, many have reported a bad experience with VIPOO, the second-best similar toilet freshener product.

Skin Sensitivity

Essential oils are volatile liquid derive from the plant with some post-modification magic, and some people are allergic to it. Same goes to LooLoo, since this will be sprayed after sitting down, do not expect less not to stick some of the smell (and liquid) on your butt, and it’s also the worst scenario for allergy people.


Instead of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, LooLoo uses cell batteries to operate the device. It means you will have to constantly replace the battery once the battery juice is out. Not just the hassle of the battery replacement, but also the replacement of cartridge refills which the only way, for now, is to order through their website.

Scent Selection

Looloo is offering only one scent choice by now. In other words, you can’t choose either your favorite scent or the strength of the scent. Many people would never concern about the scent as well as the scent strength until they received a ridiculously strong lavender smell every time off the toilet. So, the lacking of selection is another big problem.

Other concerns

Many of us would flush the toilet more than once while doing the toilet business, or pour down the water (or urinate) into it. Guess what, that will disrupt the oil’s surface “formation” and causing the odors leaking out from the water surface, rendering this product a superfluous.

Also, does it really fit your toilet? you can’t tell despite being advertised to fit 99% of the toilet bowl. As the matter of fact, the handle part is not adjustable and it’s designed to fit “most” toilet bowls.


So, is this toilet freshener worth it? maybe. Personally, I would rather try this best-seller spray before going for LooLoo. It’s so much cheaper considering you will need to pay an extra $8 – $11 for the shipping plus the $42 for the device, if you don’t already have a toilet night, making it an expensive buy. Therefore, it’s wiser to go for the popular cheaper spray since they all work under the same concept but a twist on the formula.

LooLoo: The First Automatic Toilet Freshener & Nightlight
LooLoo: The First Automatic Toilet Freshener & Nightlight
This campaign (and offers) will end on Sat, May 12 2018.
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A zero-odor toilet freshener & nightlight.

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