Loopbag: Your Daily Backpack, Messenger and Duffel in One


In this review, you’ll learn if this bag really worth your money.

Most of us are having more than one bag for different use. For instance, you may have a backpack, carry-on, tote, messenger, duffle and many more. In the end, most of them are sitting at the corner for years before throwing away.


What about if you can have one bag for most if not all? A versatile bag that fits most of your daily uses, including school, sport and even for travel. That is what Loopbag is all about.

Created by a startup called Loopsetter, Loopbag is a highly versatile bag designed for all uses, but best for travelers.

Before we step right into the detail, How is this bag different from the other? I am sure there are countless options in the already-saturated backpack market. For example, here is one great example from Amazon that received mostly positive reviews from the customer. The bag is built in good quality, minimal design and has multiple useful separated compartments. The best part, it is very affordable!


So, how is the Loopbag going to take up the challenge?

The first impression of this bag is its high versatility. Loopbag has a minimal black briefcase design and made from premium Italian Melange mixed fabric. It is therefore very durable and lasts a lifetime. Thanks to the water coating finish, Loopbag is able to resist raining and drink spilling effectively. The main compartment comes with customizable partitions, you can then keep your item nice and tidy. Otherwise pull it off for more room for a bigger item like shoes, Jeans, camera equipment, etc. The customizable is the key!

With the hidable shoulder straps feature, Loopbag can be transformed into a backpack, messenger or duffle bag in second.

What’s cool about this bag is that it has a number of hidden features for commuters/ travelers. It has a carrier locking, a side strap storage for a tripod, and an extra 10 liters expansion whenever needed. The front multi-use organizer is another great feature from Loopbag, with the straps, you can keep all your small item like keychains, watches, toothbrush, pens, cable, etc.

For pockets, it has a front easy-access pocket for notepad, cell phone, and wallets. There is also a slim flat pocket compartment specifically designed for a 17″ laptop, tablet or books. On the shoulder strap, there is a quick-access card compartment for ID or transit cards.

As you might be traveling around the country, safety comes first. Loopbag is made of a triple-layer structure where it resists to blade cut from the outside. Also, you can lock the zipper sliders with any locks. To give you a maximum theft protection, there are other features such as buckle lock and integrated lock.

Price and Bonus

By supporting the campaign now, you can get your Loopbag up to 32% discount off the future retail price. Loopbag, the backpack, messenger and duffle 3-in-1 is now available for only $169 for a limited time. Loopbag is now available in Jet black and Courtesy gray.

Before you decide to do anything, take a few minutes of our review on this best-selling profanity bag campaign, you will change your decision.