Lumen – Measure body metabolism through the breath

Lumen is a smart tool to measure your body metabolism rate from just a breath.

That way, you can have a good track of your body state whenever you want, which is a perfect idea for people in weight loss. Below in this article, we will discuss deeper into the function of this device, and ultimately, you will learn whether it’s really worth to spend $200 on it.

Other than just measuring your metabolism, Lumen also comes with an app to track your daily activity so to give you a personalized plan in accordance to your food of choice, work out routine, activity, sleeping and more.

With that being said, the core value of this device lies in its accuracy…

Review and Discussion – Is it worth it?

First and the foremost, the accuracy. Lumen measures the Respiratory Quotient (RQ) value through the ratio of carbon dioxide to oxygen. Although this method has been widely used in analyzing the metabolism rate of the athletes and patients, there are usually many complicated steps involved before getting down to a conclusion, as well as the other factors to take into considerations, including the medical condition. Here you can learn the detail about that.

Luman, on the other hand, is only measuring the carbon dioxide and oxygen level, therefore, there is a lot more crucial information missing. For example, Lumen can’t tell if it’s the muscle (protein) being used as the source of energy.

Lumen team has claimed that they have done a good number of laboratory testing to prove the result. However, there is nowhere (including their website) can find the related study and research paper. I would suggest creators show the related study on the campaign page as it’s very important to prove the “backed by science” claim and also to learn whether is this device really accurate.

This device is not cheap at all, in relative to what it does — detecting the level of CO2 and O2.

Before you get overwhelmed and decided to spend $200 on it, think about the situation where you can clearly tell that you’re already in a state of fat burning — you just finished a 2-hour workout! Or you wake up in the morning and find that you’re good to take in some carbs — that’s exactly what is happening after more than 6 hours of sleeping (empty stomach), isn’t it?

What I wanted to point out is that it’s not really necessary to let a device to tell you that you’re in low carb, the reason for that and what to do next. 


In overall, is it worth it? Yes and no. If you’re always curious about the current metabolism state of your body, this device is for you. As to me, this device may seem like a game changer at first, but you don’t actually need it. My advice is to spend the $200 elsewhere, like buying some workout equipment or good food.