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Max Pump 2 – The Powerful Potable Air Pump for Inflatables

Max Pump 2 is an electric air pump for your inflatable products. In this review, we will thrash out a deal on this pump before you spend money on it.

Get your inflatables pumped up can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you’re facing more than tens of balloons or a family of mattresses/chairs. It took every single breath out of you! And certainly, pumps like a bicycle pump can do a better job using your body muscle, but let’s face it, it’s bulky to carry to picnic!

Max Pump 2, like its previous version, is a rechargeable electric air pump that’s small enough to carry anywhere. However, Max Pump 2 is like any of the electric air pumps on the market, nothing really revolutionary or innovative here.

Below are the things that you need to take note before buying this pump.

Review and Discussion — Is this air pump another Kickstarter’s flop?

First off, Max Pump 2 is made in China and had their previous crowdfunding campaign running wild in the community. While for this 2nd version, there is nothing much added to the system except the inductive touch button and the superfluous IPx7 waterproof (nobody’s gonna use it in the water). Other than that, the rest of the features remained entirely the same with no improvement in the quality, despite many complaints.

That said, here is the Max Pump 1.0 I found on Amazon. There are a number of recent Amazon customers complaining about the quality issue and faulty after only a few uses, including those who have back their crowdfunding project. Interestingly, some have also mentioned that this product doesn’t last as long, and some even reported that their Max Pump caught fire and smoke during the first use! Check here.

It features a rechargeable 3600 mAh (total from dual batteries) of battery capacity and is able to pump up 12 times of your inflatable mattress, assuming it’s 5 min per session. Therefore, as for most of our cell phones have the battery capacity between 2500 mAh – 4000 mAh, it should be enough for 1 full recharge, ideally.

On one hand, Max Pump is said to be powerful but is designed for the smaller inflatables, whereby it offering a pump rate of 79 gallons/min under a maximum of 0.3 psi. As you can tell that, the pressure force is too low for tires pumping, including car, bike, motorcycle and related.

If you are looking for a more powerful air pump, here is one on Amazon that offers 3x faster than Max Pump 2, and the best part — cheaper. Therefore it’s more useful as you can use it to inflate not only the small inflatables but also for the bigger item such as raft, boat towables, wading pool, and more!

Overall, is Max Pump worth it? It’s a no from us. In fact, there are plenty of cheaper electric air pumps on the market which doesn’t cost you more than $40 (including the shipping, $10 for the US) at a better quality and customer’s feedback.

Nonetheless, if you still would like to give Air Pump a try, feel free to check the link below.

Max Pump 2, Pump up your air products in a snap!
Max Pump 2, Pump up your air products in a snap!
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