Mobile Machine Learning Online Course: The Masterclass For Beginners

In this fast-moving world, you must keep up with the pace in order to be competitive.

Learning something new is not easy, but the even harder thing is to take your first step out. While you might be discussing with family/friends about your new year resolution and what to achieve, why not take this opportunity to learn programming instead? Imagine having your own app and software running, and the ability to customize into something you really passionate about. That’s so cool, right?

Complete beginner? Not a problem!

Overview – The Mobile Machine Learning Course

Mobile Machine Learning is an online course currently funding on Kickstarter. Through the course, you will be able to learn a new skill from scratch without the prior knowledge needed. The course offers 5 level of step by step guide to be a coding pro. At the end, you will be expected to build your own apps with the cutting edge technology. The Mobile Machine Learning course focuses on the smart machine learning technique with the 3 programming languages — Java, Python, and Swift.

This course, unlike other theoretical courses, is teaching you at a shoulder-to-shoulder level whereby you can see your instructor’s screen real-time. And, you will have an unlimited access to the files and can also download the videos for revision later.


It is an online course which means you don’t need to be physically there. Your time is yours, keep up with the progress only when you’re free!

Review and Discussion — Should you join the course? 

The company Mammoth Interactive was formed in 2008 and since then has been actively producing mainly mobile apps. They also have courses on Udermy, an online learning platform.

First of all, they are a group of enthusiasts and experienced instructors from, so you may want to check out the reviews on Udermy first. If you are registering the course from their website, it’s not cheap. The average price for each course ranging from $99 to $500. While on Udermy, the long courses were broken down into smaller courses at a much affordable price, i.e. $10.99.

On this Kickstarter campaign, they collectively put up bundles of 5 to 6 courses into one at an exclusive price starts at only $30. The bundle is a series of learning tutorial from level 1 to level 5. If you are a complete beginner and would like to take a step by step tutorial, this is certainly for you.

In order words, if you are an experienced researcher or looking for a specific course to take, it’s advisable to take the course on Udermy since it’s cheaper and straight-forward, without going through the basic again.

For the quality, their background is solid and the reviews on Udermy speaks itself. Overall, they received an average of 4 out of 5 stars from students who take their courses. On one hand, there are quite a number of free courses on the internet already. So, should you enroll in their course? It’s totally on you. Anyway, it’s always wiser to check out the free sources first. Also, there are handbooks on Amazon too covering nearly all programming knowledge, so you might as well check it out too.