MSN Online Games: A Game for Everyone


Many people are fond of playing online games. Whether it is to relieve stress, get their minds to work and think creatively, or to connect with an online community and friends, there is no denying that this field is very much alive and well. 

Avid players and even gaming enthusiasts definitely know that when it comes to online games, one of the most recognizable and esteemed platforms in the industry is none other than MSN Online Games. Owned by Microsoft, this is now one of the most sought after sites today. 


If you are looking to find a game that caters to your interests, make sure to check out what MSN Games has to offer. Read on to find out more about this and how you can play on this platform.

MSN Online Games: A Game for Everyone

What Is MSN Online Games?

MSN Online Games is a gaming website designed to provide individuals with free online games. More often than not, games that are offered under this casual gaming site include those that are geared towards single players, multiplayer, those who love to play with their computer, and more. 

Key Features and Games Available on the Website

As a gaming platform, MSN Online Games offers more than 3,000 free games on its website. Games that are accessible on the site are typically developed using HTML5 for it to fully adapt to the needs and demands of future technology and users. 


Most games on MSN Games still run on Flash. However, it will be transitioning to HTML5 in the future come December 2020. MSN Games has a simple and straightforward interface. 

On its homepage, you can see some of the top games and offerings. It also comes with a search bar to provide gamers with an easier time looking for free games to play with. 

The games on this platform range from various categories, such as action, arcade, shooter games, puzzles, and many others. 

Popular Games Available on MSN Online Games

As mentioned, there are tons of games you can choose from. Some of those that have already found a strong following are listed below.

Microsoft Jewel

Classified as a puzzle game, Microsoft Jewel is a game in which the main objective the same gems to eliminate those from the screen. Doing so will successfully earn your points. As you move through its varying levels, you can enjoy higher points and more gems to unlock. 

Zuma’s Revenge

Zuma’s Revenge is all about firing stones to help match it with the same colors and destroy the balls from entering the trails and into the lair. Hit enough points and make the right combos and you can not only get additional points, but you can also eliminate the whole chain faster. 

Text Twist 2

Fans of a word and even trivia games will surely love Text Twist 2. This online game is simple. You have to find all the words provided on the screen and you can move on to the next round. This comes with different versions, such as timed and untimed ones, crossword, and lighting rounds. 

Learning How to Use MSN Online Games

MSN Online Games: A Game for Everyone

Now that you know more about games that are available on the website, you might want to try your luck playing on MSN Online Games. To do this, simply head on to the website and key in the game that you wish to play. 

Alternatively, you can tap on the genre you wish to explore. This will provide you with an extensive selection to choose from. Click on the game you want, select ‘Play Free Online’ or ‘Play Now’ to start. 

The Bottom Line

MSN Online Games is certainly a worthy site to explore. With thousands of games and various features, it really is made for everyone.