MUtable 2.0 – The Modular Play Table for Kids

MUtable 2.0 is a functional modular play table for kids below 8 years old. Below we will discuss whether you should spend money on this expensive piece of play table.

A while ago, we reviewed a space-saving transformer table 2.0 on Kickstarter and here comes another great piece of furniture, but this time is for the kids. The similarity between the two lies on the high price tag.


As an adult, we often stress too much about how to make a living in this world. But as for the kids, what to play next is seemingly the only question lingering in their little skull. While that might be true, having a happy and fun childhood may boost your kid’s creativity development, problem-solving and critical thinking skill. That said, kids are extremely curious about almost anything with their eyes on, and the toy is the most effective way to attract their attention.

But, does it has anything to do with the MUtable?


Imagine having LEGO, puzzles, board games, and playhouse, all in one little table. Introducing MUtable, from Kickstarter. MUtable 2.0 is a smart table made just for the kids. And for this time, the newer 2.0 version has added more features and more fun to kids!

Below, we will discuss whether is this table worth buying and why is that so.

Review and Discussion – Should you buy this table?

Just like us, kids often get bored with the same toy games over and over again. This versatile play table has a smart design offering a number of common games that hold your kids there for hours, and of course, at a bigger price tag.

Speaking about the price, each basic MUtable 2.0 (with 4 heights + 4 playboards) costs you well over $200, and its the main reason to put people off from the page. Without the additional features, MUtable 2.0 is not that functional and doesn’t seem much valuable than this cheaper kids table IKEA on Amazon adding a few board games on top.

What’s worst, the item itself has a pretty big size and weight, making the shipping fee an extra cost ($24 – $50) to add up to the final price. On one hand, kids wouldn’t care much about the premium quality of the table, but the games itself. Until they get bored with the 4 board games, it’s time to cry for a new toy. Therefore, if you are on-budget, It is smarter to get yourself a much cheaper LEGO table set like this one on Amazon, and the separated set of puzzles and board games, everything in just under $100.

Overall, the previous backers are pretty happy with the table quality. Besides the price, MUtable 2.0 is a pretty thoughtful table for up to 6 kids to play at once.