NEO & SONS Motorcycle Helmet Bag

NEO & SONS Motorcycle Helmet Bag is a one-of-a-kind helmet bag for the motorcyclist. Below we will discuss if this bag really worth buying.

Okay, so what exactly does it do?

The function of motorcycle helmets is no other than providing the last line of protection to rider’s head.

NEO & SONS Helmet Bag is a new motorcycle bag for your expensive helmets and gears. It has a minimalistic design and made of Italian full grain leather (canvas version also available) to last a lifetime. Designed and made in Singapore, this helmet bag has a wide frontal zip made of high-quality Japanese YKK zipper. Another good feature of NEO & SONS helmet bag is the quick access window pouch for your daily essentials.

The compartment is separated so that you never have to worry about getting scratches on your items. On the other hand, NEO & SONS helmet bag offers a thoughtful stabilizing sling strap to prevent lateral movement during riding.



Review & Discussion — Should you get this helmet bag?

You might be first time knowing the bag, but the idea is not new. In fact, there are many helmet bags out there on the market already. For example, this helmet bag I’ve found on Amazon offering a much cheaper price.

That being said, the price is another important criteria. Considering the useful features such as the quick-access pouch and stabilizing strap, NEO & SONS Helmet Bag is still a little over-priced. It’s now funding on Indiegogo starts at $136 (for Canvas) and $212 (for Leather).

The high price is perhaps due to the high local manufacturing cost in a small volume. It is, therefore, render this product vulnerable to the established competitors that have much lower prices (less than $100), such as this Motor-D helmet bag and the Amazon’ Choice Coleman.

Also, the bag lacks a handle.

An addition carry-handle option can be useful and convenient to riders in many circumstances. The two helmet bag links I have included above do provides a handle for users. That would be great that if the creator can add this option to the stretch goal.

Overall, this helmet bag is good for a spare helmet or when you’re done with your current helmet. Though pricey, NEO & SONS Helmet Bag offers a good classic look, well constructed, ample room for small items, and comes with some handy features for riders.