NIID Bag – Convertible and Customisable

The Convertible and Customizable Carry Bags are four different bags: The chest pack, the waist pack, laptop sling and the fold/messenger bag. Hold up, we will tell you if this bag is really worth buying.

They are designed to be interchangeable and work with each other. For instance, the waist pack will work as a strap for the laptop/messenger sling. They’re basically to be used for carrying your small items around.

Although there are three different bags, you don’t automatically get them all three together. It’s approximately $69 for the chest and waist bags together and $89 for the laptop sling. The option to get the fold/messenger bag by itself is unavailable, but you can pay about $230 for the chest, waist, laptop and fold bag combo. Shipping is free and worldwide, with your bags being estimated to get to you by June 2018.

Speaking of quality, there is a full leather sling bag on Kickstarter seemingly a better option.



Review and Discussion – Should you get these NIID FOLD and SWITCH bags?

Is this bag worth buying?

There are things that concerning most people. The most noticeable one is that, due to their fold-able design, they don’t look anything like you would expect them to look (The chest pack looks like something you would store water in while on an expedition, for instance). Therefore, you really would have no idea what they were until someone told you if the straps weren’t on or visible. Nonetheless, people have different aesthetic standards when it comes to art and design.

That said, the bags come in only one color — dark grey, which may not suit some people’s tastes.

They don’t seem to hold a lot, either. The laptop sling is said to hold 15-20 lbs. And the chest pack’s cell phone pocket was designed to hold an iPhone 8 or smaller. So, if you have a phone larger than that, it won’t fit. The laptop sling, while in sling mode, can hold a 10” iPad/tablet and a 13” laptop while in messenger mode. Here is a similar sling bag I found on Amazon offering a much larger space at a cheaper price.

Does it really matter?

So, again, if you have anything bigger than that, like a 17” laptop, these NIID sling bags won’t fit.

They actually added an anti-theft feature: a pocket that is close to your body, so as to not be easily accessible to thieves. But they missed one glaring detail: the sling has buckles that are behind you. That means that a thief could unbuckle it and take the whole bag, making the pocket completely useless in the event that a thief knows how to work buckles.

You’ve got the picture. Also…

There are a couple of things that the creators are really advertising that sound great until you read the fine print. On the description page, it says “Waterproof zipper” and “waterproof material” all over the place. However, it’s not waterproof, it’s merely water-repellent (So don’t fully submerge your bags!). Also, the inside of the bag isn’t waterproof, either. So, maybe don’t store a water bottle right next to your laptop, just in case, it leaks.

They advertise that the bags are interconnect-able, but the waist pack can only act as a strap on the laptop sling and chest pack. Although they’re branded as easy to use, the sling bag can be hard to manage in “sling mode”.

To get to the inner pocket, you have to unfold it, then unzip it, which could potentially be very difficult to do while walking.


On one hand, their stretch goals are not clear. On the description page, it lists both the waterproof zipper and the 15” laptop FOLD sling. However, the stretch goals haven’t been met, the “updates” page says it would take more money and time to do both, and in the comments, they state that the 15” isn’t available yet, but they’re considering it.

Some were confused by the statement.

It is clear that there are lots of magnetic closures to some of the bags, which is convenient on some levels. On others, it could damage some things such as computers, hotel key cards, some ID cards and some bank/debit cards. Having said that, I would rather recommend this sling that serves me for almost 2 years now.

And, finally, one of the biggest turn-offs is that they re-branded a bag that they already had on the market. The chest pack and their FINO bag (Amazon) are practically the same things with a smart “spin”. The main difference is that the chest pack is made from different materials and connects to the other bags.

So, is it worth it to buy these bags? It depends on whether or not you would carry large loads with you and whether your electronics would actually fit in them. Personally, I don’t think it’s for me. If you think this is not for you too, check our other reviews like this full leather sling bag, or this rider-friendly sling for the helmet.