NOMATIC Bag – The Functional Messenger and Laptop Bags


NOMATIC Bag is a functional bag for urban warriors.

We love messenger bags. It gives you a professional look in the workplace.


Do a quick search on Amazon with the terms “messenger bag”, you will see more than 40 000 results of the bags. Are you really be able to skim it all? Probably not, most of us would rather go for a popular one. That said, with so many “best & functional” messenger bags in the market, which one is the real deal and worth a buy? The one with the highest price tag, or the top-notch branded name? We can’t be sure.

In fact, I have covered more than hundreds of “The Most”, “The First”, “World’s first” functional bags in the title, which mostly turned out to be another smart spin on the existing product, nothing revolutionary. One excellent example is this duffle bag that I’ve covered 2 weeks ago.

Despite being no chance of bag scarcity, let’s take a look at this new “functional” bag on Kickstarter.


Review and Discussion – Is this bag a big waste of money?

One of the most highlighted features in NOMATIC bag is the magnetic buckle. Designed by Fidlock, it can hold up to a weight of 132 lbs rather than just 22 lbs of your average bag. Certainly, it does a good job holding up a great weight as shown in the demo, but what’s that for? In the sense that we don’t use our messenger bag to carry any heavy metal/dumbells other than your laptop and files, aren’t we? Put it short, 22 lbs is more than enough in most cases.


On one hand, the magnetic snapping design is certainly cool to have. The big plus of this design is to helps users to put the strap on and off much easier. Nevertheless, you will have to pay a little more in compared to the other similar bags without the feature.

As for the other features, such as the Velcro panel compartment, modular padded compartment for camera equipment and RFID safe pockets, are actually quite common on the bags these days. For comparison, I have found this cotton canvas messenger bag on Amazon, at only one-third of the NOMATIC messenger’s price. It’s cheaper, stylish, and loved by Amazon and many customers with an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars from more than 400 reviews.

Okay, so what exactly you need this bag for? Trustable?

NOMATIC has run a few successful campaigns on Kickstarter before. Other than this messenger bag, they also had one travel bag campaign and the other backpack campaign. Two of these campaigns raised over 1 million on Kickstarter. Except that some of the minor problems (some reported that the backpack is too heavy) and some shipping issues, the majority of the backers are very satisfied with the quality they bring to the bag. You can learn more from what they say here.

Overall, NOMATIC bag is a pretty solid everyday briefcase. We like the ideas of how the bag can be widely opened just like a carry-on for easy access, elegant appearance, and will be standing up straight on its own rather than a floppy one.