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Nordgreen – Hand-crafted Minimalist Luxury Scandinavian Watches

Nordgreen is an affordably priced hand-crafted luxury watch made by the designer Jakob Wagner. Inspired by the beautiful city of Copenhagen, this watch is minimalist designed and lasts a lifetime. The most important criteria when choosing a watch is its appearance, durability, price, and functionality. Most of the premium watches in the market are either too expensive or overly design in a superfluous way.

Compare to others?

Of all the other watches, this one is by far my favorite. Not only it has a clean minimalist design, but the quartz movement clock crystal oscillator makes it highly precise than a common mechanical watch. 32,768 kHz times each second, to be exact. Moreover, it comes with a 5 ATM (50m/165ft) water resistant for any of your water activities.

Below we will discuss if this new Nordgreen watch worth a buy.

Review and Discussion – should you spend money on this watch?

While there is a new minimalistic watch called HORIZON watch that has no min/hour/sec hands buzzing in the Kickstarter community, Nordgreen, on the other hand, is a clean watch with a sleek classic look.

Unlike other Scandinavian design which often ridiculously priced, this Nordgreen watch is an exception. Launching this campaign with giving-back in mind, Nordgreen Scandinavian watches is very affordable and does not cost you a bank. Yet, giving you a premium quality product at a fraction of the retail price. If you are looking for a great watch, you don’t want to miss this time-limited offer.

Watches on Kickstarter is never a scarcity, we all know that. So, just why this one?

The case of Nordgreen Scandinavian Watches is made of 316L stainless steel with Japanese movement. All of the watches are assembled by hand and comes with a 3 ATM (30m/98ft) water resistant for raining, hand washing, and others. The quick release strap is made of Italian leather and available in 4 colorway.

Following the movement, each watch sold via this Kickstarter campaign (now on Indiegogo) will contribute to a meaningful cause of your choice. Backers can select from 3 causes below:

  • Health — 2 months of clean water to 1 person in the Central African Republic, by Water For Good.
  • Environment — 200 square ft of rainforest preserved in Latin America, by Cool Earth.
  • Education — 1 month of education to a child in India, by Pratham UK.

Each Nordgreen watch has its own unique serial number at the back of the watch. There are 3 styles available — Philosopher, Infinity, and Native. The Philosopher features a conical shape where the base is wider than its face, two-piece dial, second hand, and an elevated tug-in lugs design. Infinity, on the other hand, has a cone-shaped base, curved dial, longer hourly marks, and the strap tugs into the case with no lugs. While for Native, it has an elevated design with round base, clean flat dial, and the round classical lugs design.

You can choose either 40mm or 36mm case size and 2 case colors (3 for Philosopher). For straps, it has 4 styles of colorway which including brown, navy, black and mesh.

Overall, like many backers, we love this watch and definitely recommend you to get one for yourself.

Price, Discount, and Warranty

The Nordgreen Watches is now funding on Indiegogo starts at a price of $159, and the worldwide shipping is free! By helping to bring their campaign to live, you can enjoy a big promotional discount up to 50% off retail price. Each watch comes with a 5-years warranty, and you will get an extra strap for free. Check the green link below for detail.

Nordgreen - Luxury Scandinavian Design Watches
Nordgreen - Luxury Scandinavian Design Watches
This project is now funding on Indiegogo.
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