OGarden Smart – An Aethetic ​Indoor Gardening System

OGarden Smart is the second generation of Original OGarden. In comparison to the first, most of the basic functionality stays the same. The creators have added an automatic watering and lighting system.

Below we will discuss whether should you buy this new indoor gardening system. But first, let’s go through some cool features that worth a mention.

Do you find it beautiful? I do. OGarden Smart has an aesthetic rotating disk design that rotate all the time. The purpose of that is to keep the soil evenly moist so to create a good environment for the plant to thrive.

This space-saving design allows you to plant up to 90 plants at the same time (30 being sprouting inside the cabinet). This way, you can have them harvested every day.

OGarden Smart comes with a water reservoir that lasts for 10 days. You will only need to refill the water every week or so.

Also, It will alert you in case you forget.

Review and Discussion — Worth it?

There are quite a number of indoor gardening systems on Kickstarter before. Unlike others, OGarden Smart is much more pricey to own — each will cost you more than $500. Also, they offer monthly installment as well, which will then be $716 (excluding shipping) in total. Not to mention that you will have to refill the “bags of virgin earth” from them after each harvest.

At this price point, you can buy yourself a cool greenhouse already. Just saying…

You just can’t grow “anything” with OGarden. First, space is limited. Some crops take bigger space and more time to grow until a suitable harvest size. That said, some may take a few weeks, while others can take months, literally.

Except if you only harvest them during the 7-14 days “microgreens” stage for salad. Then, It will be quick.

On the other hand, having so many greens indoor will attract pest and insect as well. Also, it can produce odor to fill your living room.

After harvest, you will probably throw the bag of virgin earth to the compost bin and never reuse them right? It isn’t really a “money saving and sustainable” solution.


So, is the OGarden Smart worth-a-buy? I can’t be sure. The backers who backed their last project (Original OGarden) 2 years ago are mostly experiencing shipping delay. Although the creator has later stated to speed up their production for the second project, I will be updating this page again by then.