Mojo Is the Perfect App for Creating Story Format Animations

Calling social media influencers of all scales! No matter how big or small your footprint on Instagram is, your content’s quality will always determine your success. But you probably don’t have the time to professionally edit videos for stories. Thankfully, there is a great solution! With Mojo, you can polish your content effortlessly and get … Read more

Amazon Kindle App: A Way to Carry Books Everywhere

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Reddit – Create Content and Let Other Users Give It Ratings

The way we interact and use social media is evolving. From MSN to Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, things are changing for good. The methods of creating and sharing content or ideas give us something new to experience almost every day.  Reddit is not like your average social media platforms; it is different and unique because … Read more

SketchBook – Discover the Best Application for Illustrations

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Snapseed: A Complete and Professional Photo Editor Developed by Google

Any seasoned photographer can transform a photo they took into a breathtaking work of art. In fact, there is no shame in using a photo editor to achieve their desired result, as long there is no deceit going on. However, having the right software to help them do this is essential. Thankfully, beginners and professionals … Read more

Brainly: The Best App to Help with Studying

Who doesn’t appreciate a helping hand when it comes to assignments? Sometimes a math problem becomes too complicated, or you don’t understand a theorem in physics no matter how many times you read it. That is when a guide becomes crucial.  But who likes a boring lecture that goes on for hours when all you … Read more

Noteshelf Makes Studying and Working Much Easier

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AirBrush: An App that Gives Photos a Professional Effect

We all crave those beautiful and next-to-perfect photographs that truly bring out our personality and highlight the best of our features! And yet overdone photos are an absolute no-no. We want to keep them as natural as possible! With so many photo editing tools and apps floating on the internet, one might wonder what would … Read more

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience

In this day and age where we rely heavily on technology, meetings and conferences can happen virtually with the help of the internet. This is especially important now that things are a bit peculiar and we are all stuck working at home. Thankfully, Google has once again provided us with a more convenient way of … Read more

With the Calm App it Is Possible to Meditate and Relax after a Busy Day

Millions of people suffer from sleeping disorders due to stress and other environmental factors. Sleep is designed to rejuvenate your body, and if you don’t get good quality o sleep, your overall quality of life can suffer. It is a never-ending toxic cycle of stress and sleeplessness. Many people suffer from a constant cycle of … Read more