American Express App – How to Download and Use

As one of the leading payment card service corporations in the United States, American Express wants to ensure that its customers can access its products and services anytime and anywhere.  The corporation made this possible by launching its mobile app called “Amex.” American Express cardholders can manage their accounts and do various transactions on the … Read more

Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking – How to Download

Through the years, mobile banking has become a go-to service for people who wish to access banking services anytime, without having to go to branches. The Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking app covers almost all the personal account services they offer. Customers can transfer money online, deposit cheques anywhere, freeze their cards, view their PINs, and … Read more

Scotiabank App – Learn How to Download

People seek convenience in everything they do, so they usually rely on digital and online platforms to help run errands. With this in mind, Scotiabank launched its mobile banking app to help its users manage their banking from anywhere, anytime. The Scotiabank Mobile Banking app allows its users to easily pay bills online, transfer money, … Read more

Virgin Money Mobile App – Find Out How to Download

Mobile banking has become a handy tool for people who hope to access their banks’ services anytime and anywhere. Aside from the basic banking services, some mobile banking apps offer assistance in the financial management of their users. One of them is the Virgin Money Mobile Banking app. It allows its users to monitor their … Read more

Bank of America Mobile App – Learn How To Download and Use

There has been a steady increase in the usage of mobile banking because of the convenience it brings. As of 2021, there are over 57 million mobile banking users in the country. As the biggest banking institution in the US, Bank of America also offers mobile banking through their Bank of America Mobile Banking app. … Read more

Maxim App – Learn How to Use This App to Order Taxis and Food

People can now hail taxis and order food at the same time. The Maxim app was developed to help people order a taxi to travel easily and conveniently. Over time, the team improved the app by helping users order food and other goods. Parcels can also be delivered through the Maxim app. Lastly, cargo can … Read more

How to Download the Magical Edge Lighting App

Adding a little more spice to your phone’s screen is made possible by GPS Apps Valley through the Magical Edge Lighting app. The app adds colorful round corners to the phone’s home lock screen. It also lights up during calls and message notifications.  Learn more about the Magical Edge Lighting app and discover how to … Read more

Traveloka App – Discover How to Use this Tool

Planning a getaway trip but don’t know where to start? The Traveloka app is the perfect application to help you achieve that dream vacation!  With the Traveloka app, you can book flights, hotels, tours, car rentals, and more! You do not need to install several applications because everything you need is right there within Traveloka.  … Read more

Deckee Boating – Learn How to Use this App

People often rely on devices and tools for a safe trip when sailing on the water. Almost all the functions and features of these tools are integrated into one app – Deckee Boating. The Deckee Boating app is a boating companion which lets the users obtain weather updates, safety alerts, and maps. The app also … Read more

Save with the Flipp App

I love savings, especially when grocery shopping, and more often than not, it used to take a lot of effort for me to find deals and discounts.  I used to flip through multiple grocery ads just to take note of every on-sale product from each store for a specific time. Thankfully, I discovered Flipp, a … Read more

Indigo Mobile App – Learn Everything About This New App

Indigo is a beloved bookstore chain in Canada. It offers thousands of books, gifts, toys, stationery, and home decor.  Even though Indigo has hundreds of stores, it wanted to reach more customers by making its products available online. Thus, they launched the Indigo mobile app, which offers an online marketplace of all the products sold … Read more

Citi Mobile App – Find Out How to Download

The widespread use of mobile devices and the increased access to stable internet connections have given rise to more online transactions over the past years. There are 5.22 billion unique mobile users as of 2021. Data shows that 79% of smartphone owners have used their device to make an online purchase in the past 6 … Read more

WalkFit – The App with Easy to Follow Fitness Plans

Your body is unique and it has capabilities that you can’t even imagine. For some, maintaining your weight and managing your health can be a troublesome ordeal. Thankfully, there’s an app that will help you track your activity, keep you healthy through walking, and make every activity you do as fun as possible. WalkFit is … Read more

WestJet – Plan a Getaway

Vacation planning can take a toll on people – finding the right flight, car rental, itinerary, and accommodation is a tricky job. Planning a vacation can take work, so why not have a tool to help you get the job done? Check out the WestJet app to find flights and the best deals on car … Read more

Read Everything with the Libby App

Have you ever wanted to borrow a book from your library but don’t have time to make it to the building itself? Worry no more because you can access your entire library’s bookshelf at the comfort of your home using your tablets, mobiles, and other devices.  The Libby app is a great application that allows … Read more

Teleprompter – See How to Download

One important aspect of delivering a speech or making a presentation is engaging your audience. However, a long speech can be a reason for certain difficulties. Many of us have experienced fumbling over our words or missing a few of our lines during our delivery. These days are over as the Simple Teleprompter app is … Read more

Web Video Cast App – See How to Use this App

Streaming videos or media files from phones to televisions has become a trend because of the popularity of Smart TVs and other streaming devices. Some streaming devices require specific software or hardware to be able to cast or stream. However, the Web Video Cast app allows its users to stream offline and online videos to … Read more