Pocket Monkii™ – The Portable Full-body Fitness Device

Pocket Monkii is a small fitness device for you to keep up with your body workout routine even while traveling. In this review, we will walk through whether is this gym device actually worth your money.

This portable gym device by Monkii reminds me of this one gym product which hitting a big success on Kickstarter a year ago, but later move on selling on Amazon with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. People are generally quite happy with the functionality and the ease of use, however, that device doesn’t come cheap and neither is it convenient to carry around, including traveling. Therefore, it’s more of a home-based workout device.

For that, Pocket Monkii is a new fitness device comes in a pack that literally fits your pocket. What’s cool about this product is it allows you to do a full body workout without restricted to anywhere you go. It comes with an app to show you more than 300+ step-by-step workouts you can do with Pocket Monkii, regardless the levels.

Back to the question, is it a scam or legit? you will see below.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy Pocket Monkii?

Over years, the newer generation of people is basically immune to the sale buzzwords like the 80s are still doing it right now, especially in the gym space, which makes it less legit and less compelling to reach to our wallet. Despite Pocket Monkii offers a seemingly portable way to continue your workout routine anywhere you go, there are in fact numerous portable gym devices in the market are doing pretty much the similar job. Meanwhile, very few of them are small enough to fit into the pocket (here is one and cheaper), and most are usually heavy and bulky to carry around like this one.

Back to Monkii. The idea, design and material are simple. Pocket Monkii uses a durable Cordura fabric to flip over the door and connecting to two metal handles — is no way near a new idea. Pocket Monkii is now available for a hefty $99, where the creators have forcefully included their app and training programs into every single sale pledges is what makes up for the price — yes, they only sell the all-in-one bundles. For this, many backers who do not care much about their programs have requested for it, but for some reasons (probably profitability), they do not sell Pocket Monkii set without the unnecessaries. Same goes for the Isocore and tactical ladder.

For accountability, we have checked their previous campaign and customer responses. Monkii had their first Monkii Bar 2 launched on Kickstarter a year ago, and that campaign has raised over a million dollars from almost 6k backers. However, the good result does not meet up with a good service. That said, their after-sale response to backers are slow and ineffective, here is one superbacker’s feedback example (from many) I found on their Monkii Bar 2 page:

On the other hand, Monkii team is responding fast on their current Pocket Monkii campaign.

For quality, it’s overall okay with not many reported issues but some backers have stated that the quality is somewhat average, underwhelming and did not reflect the sum they paid for. Also, like many overnight blown up projects, many did not receive their item on time.

Another concern is that the Pocket Monkii, despite being advertised as outdoor, there is not much outdoor example to show how to use it outdoor. Also, for the hotel room, the door opening is usually inward where exercising inside the room (instead of in against) will give a good pressure to the hinge and deadbolt, as well as the risks of breaking.

In overall, is the Pocket Monkii worth it? maybe. The overall customer’s reviews are somewhat positive without too many complaints. However, for the price, I would personally see it as an overpriced product with an okay functionality. On one hand, spending hundreds of dollars on the equipment doesn’t give you the ripped body, but the determination with a 5 dollars strap will do.