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Podbudy – Secure Your Earphone In Your Ears

Podbudy is an earphone accessory that helps to snugly secure your earphone in your ears.

Most people love listening to music/broadcast/audiobook while they’re working out, commuting, jogging, cycling, etc. Not necessarily a mean of stress distraction, but listening to music can effectively improve your performance, mood and reduce stresses.

The fact is, most one-size-fits-all earbuds in the market don’t offer a custom-made to fit your ear’s shape, including the Apple’s Airpods. A few years back, there was one 60-second moldable earphone named Revols is the first company trying to solve this problem. However, each piece of that end up costs you well over $200. They’ve just had their first batch sold out, and I don’t recommend.

The unsecured and loosely attach of the earbuds make it constantly falling out of your ears, not to mention when you are doing sports outdoor. We all know the hassle.

So, how?

Here is one great option for you.


Podbudy is a simple hooks attachment to lock your earbuds snug fit in your ears. It is made of nylon resin, flexible to wear, durable and is adjustable to your ear’s shape. Podbudy can be used on almost any types of earbuds, wired or not wired. It features 3 earphones docks, where you just need to slot in your earphone into one of these, go around your ears, and you are ready to rock.

The idea is simple, watch the review video below you will see how strong it is.

Review and Discussion

Podbudy is a simple yet effective solution to address your everyday earbuds problem. You might be wondering why isn’t anyone thought of this before? Well, it sure is. This product is far from revolutionary. The fact is, there are a lot of similar products have already been on the market for a long while. A few of them are having the exact same go-around-ear design with a little twist, while the others are made in a cover design with a hook.

So, does it worth a buy?

If you are using the Apple Airpods, here is one called EarBuddyz 2.0 I recommend. Unlike Podbudy, It has a minimalistic beautiful look, more than 1.6k positive reviews on Amazon, and is listed as Amazon’s Choice. However, one big downside is that it’s designed just for Apple Airpods. So, if you happened to have other earphones as well, Podbudy is a rather versatile choice. With its 3 earphones (docks) slots sizes, Podbudy has the thinnest size measure 2.3mm and the widest measure 6.2mm, so it should fit most of your regular earphones.

Podbudy is now Kickstarter starts at $18 for 2 set. If you think this is for you, feel free to go check out and support their funding via the link below.

Support Podbudy Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

This project has ended on Sun, March 18 2018.

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7.8 Total Score
Very Good

This earphone attachment is so simple yet effective to solve your everyday problem.

  • 3 slot/dock sizes to fit all regular earphones, including Apple Airpods.
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • A lot of alternatives (some are cheaper) in the market
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