Pokeat – The Versatile Lunchbox That Fits Your Pocket

Pokeat is an eco-friendly reusable bag that doubles as a lunchbox.

Recently, the unpredictable weather disaster has escalated the unsettling food and water crisis in many countries, particularly in the rural area. The incident has turned into an added burden to the already-scarce food supplies.

In contrast, more and more waste such as plastic is piling up everywhere, which has drastically increased over the last few decades. According to a recent BBC report, the alarming plastic threats have been found “entangling” one-third of the coral reefs worldwide and raised the risk of disease outbreak by 20 times.

One of the reasons for that is due to the excessive use of plastic packaging globally whereby it takes way too long to decompose than manufacturing one. To be specific, 450 years for a regular plastic bottle.

With that in mind,Ā PokeatĀ is born.



Pokeat is a portable multi-functional bag to hold up your lunch. Designed to be a foldable and versatile bag, the inner lining is made using the eco-friendly TPU material to replace the regular food plastic and styrofoam. Unlike your lunchbox, it doesn’t add bulk to your bag and can be easily kept in any flat pocket, such as in your jacket or jeans.

The cool part is that Pokeat is leak-proof, BPA free, oil resistant, food safe, and heat resistant (up to 248 ĖšF) to hold almost any kind of food. Plus, it comes with a set of cutlery in a zipper pouchĀ and has a big capacity of 3L.

Pokeat is machine-washable and microwavable too!

Review and Discussion

To put it short, Pokeat is a reusable plastic bag, period. Remind me ofĀ this portable wash bagĀ on Amazon, it resembles 90% of the design and appearance but with an additional inner layer of TPU lining. TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), in plainĀ English, is a mixture of silicone and plastic, and this rubbery substanceĀ features a high elasticity, abrasion resistance, oil & grease resistant, and high shear strength.

Sounds good? Not really.

TPU is often used in the manufacturing of phone cases, footwear, medical devices and many more, but rarely in the food-related field. The idea is simple ā€” the risk of lacking scientific studies to support the claim. Despite being advertised as food-grade and high-temperatureĀ resistant, PokeatĀ is neither proven by lab analysis norĀ certified by any trusted source. Also, non-toxic not necessarily means a food-grade.

On the other hand, while using it for packaged/solid food likeĀ donuts which may still work, it’s way too flimsy forĀ soup/spaghetti. End up, you will need to use a plate/bowlĀ to hold the bag, but hold on a sec, what’sĀ the point ofĀ Pokeat then? The lunchbox idea is great, but the impractical and hassle making it an unneeded in most cases. Personally, if I want to use it as a lunchbox, it’s a no; whereas if using it as a plastic bag, I can literally use any bags that do pretty much the same job, right? Alternatively, get a zipper bag like this oneĀ for a peace of mind. Also, we have summarized a list of top 5 best lunchboxes on Kickstarter.

Pokeat is now funding on Kickstarter for $12 each. If you think this item is for you, feel free to support theirĀ Kickstarter campaign here.