Purple® Pet Bed – The Anti-microbial Bed For Your Pet


Purple Pet Bed is a thoughtful pet bed for your furry friends. In this review article, you will learn if this pet bed worth a buy.

So you came over here after watching the Purple® Pet Bed Kickstarter video right? You are in the right place. In case you want to watch again, I’ve embedded the video on above. That said, despite the 5 min video is quite long (usually ~2min in average), it’s no doubt one of the best Kickstarter promo videos. It managed to make me watch the full video, twice.


Almost like a YouTuber, meanwhile you can see the effort there and people don’t feel being pressured into buying their bed.

Anyway, should you buy this?

Review and Discussion – Is this pet bed worth buying?

The first thing you want to take note is that this bed is only for those in the states, and this is a big letdown. Yes, this campaign is only shipping in the United States.


Perhaps due to the high shipping cost (big size and heavy), the creators have decided to remove the option for international shipping for now. In other words, if you are from the other countries, you may need to put up a wait or look for other similar alternatives.

The company behind this project was the one making The Purple® Pillow project (raise over $2.6 million on Kickstarter). For this new pet bed project, it’s just wrapped up with layers of covers and being marketed to the pet owners. While there is nothing wrong with the strategy, The Purple Pillow is actually on Amazon right now and you might want to check out what others have to say about the quality (via here) before you can decide to give their new project a try.

So far, they have received a big range of mixed reviews from both Kickstarter backers and Amazon buyers. Some love it, many hate it.

Thus, it can be concluded as the effectiveness is very much depends on customer’s self-preferences as some might prefer a rock-hard pillow while others would rather go for an ultra-soft.

Speaking about the price, it is another big drop to the product. You can pretty much get a pet bed for as low as only $10 like this one or up to few tens of dollars, but the Purple Pet Bed costs you a hefty $129. What’s worse, you couldn’t tell if your pet like it or not — like what they said in their own campaign video. Therefore, my suggestion is why not just go for a cheaper one instead? As we can hardly tell if our four-legged friends would really using it. Anyway, I would suggest you this elevated pet bed, it’s easy to clean and is loved by many.

As for the color options, yes and sadly, only purple.

On the other hand, the claw resistance was tested on a flat metal surface with no statistic data provided, both by machine or real pet claws. In reality, we knew that most pet can do much more damage if they wanted to. Therefore, some backers are really concern about the durability of the cover and if there is any replacement for the cover.

Overall, this Purple® Pet Bed is worth a try considering that the price is a little high.