Quercus Lamp: A Sustainable Lamp Made From Waste

We love our planet, but unavoidably we human has done so many things that hurt our mother nature. From technology advancement to the industrial revolution, the further we leaped the more damages on our environment. So, when is the last time you did something to help our environment?

Quercus lamp by Greeb lives by this principle. All product from Greeb is partly/fully made from wastes. The idea is not new but to make something unwanted to wanted, you need some sort of magic. Green is then the alchemist. Started 3 years ago by the Max Ashford, the founder, as a student. Max is now finally able to proceed his idea to make our world a slightly better place.

Review: Quercus Lamp -The making in process

Quercus lamp only has 2 main components — British Ork and glass bottle. They use the naturally fallen British Ork in making the lamp. While not all the tree is usable, they will need to choose from only the finest straight-grained timber that is bendable by way of steaming. Steaming is a long enduring process with a lot of patience. The processed wood will then be treated with nut-based oil to prevent degradation.

The lamp is fully recyclable.

Fallen doesn’t mean the end, but a great start of a brand new journey. 


The lampshade is made of wine bottles collected from the local restaurants. It may not be the modern lightings that you always wanted, but It will light up your room as well as your heart. The bottle has to be low in transparency and you can even customize with your own wine bottle. Remarkably, each lamp is handcrafted with a high level of craftsmanship with the fact that not all the fallen tree are usable.

That said, it’s what makes this lamp so expensive.

Meanwhile, you can find lot more modern lightings like this one that doesn’t cost you a fortune. If you are not too much into art and design, this desk lamp is none other than another extravagance to you.

Price and Availability

Quercus Lamp is a modern lamp made of waste and is completely recyclable. This project is now running on Kickstarter. Halfway through the funding process, Quercus lamp’s price starts at $366 with very limited units available.