QuietOn Sleep – The Noise-cancelling Snoring Killer

QuietOn Sleep is a noise-canceling earpiece to block out the environmental noises so that to give you a better night sleep. In this review, we are going to discuss if this new earpiece really worth buying.

It’s been a while since we have another snoring solution after the Snorelax, the anti-snoring strips, which debugged by us two months ago. But for this time, the new product seems to be going from the different approach — instead of solving snoring from the root, they use earplugs to the sleeping partner. This earplug called QuietOn is much smarter than your regular earplugs, it said to be “saving your marriage” on the project page.

What’s featuring on this device is that it effectively cancels out the low-frequency noise, which is the sounds of snoring/traffic that bothering our sleep, to give you a new level of quietness. On the other hand, they also included a feature where you can simply tap the device to switch from quiet to hearing mode, and vice versa.

It’s selling for $159 a pair!

The idea is certainly cool and remarkable. By putting our regular earplug to another level and selling it for $159 a pair, it’s honestly not something so convincing for consumers to spend money on. That said, what surprised me (Crowdfunding always surprised me) is that the campaign has successfully raised over 1000% of its original goal. It tells me that the world snoring problem is far worse and unimaginable than I can comprehend.

For the same price, you can already buy a cool noise-canceling headphone like this one. Also, you can’t really put on your earbuds/headphone to listen to music when you put these things on.

Still, QuietOn Sleep is certainly useful when you need a moment of quietness. On the flip side, in case of the emergency call or even morning alarm, it can be an issue. That said, this brand new earplug is still useful when it comes to sleeping on the train, bus, car, or simply looking for quieter reading space.

Is this scam? No, we don’t think so. Below is the reason.

Many have received and used their first generation of QuietOn. So the next question I bet… is that good? Just like you, we don’t really trust the provided “reviews” on the official website or campaign page. That said, there is not much info we can collect at this point. However, there is one remarkable backer stated on the Indiegogo comments section, as below: 

On the other hand, there are some happy customers (in the comments section) of the version 1.0. They came back and support their 2.0 again. Most of the customers are new backers.

Overall, is this thing worth it? No, we do not have enough evidence (at least heard back from the backers from version 1.0) to show that this item is worth for the $159. Personally, I would rather stick to my own noise canceling headphone, or the much cheaper earplugs like this one.