Quiver X Ultimate 3-in-1 Everyday Carry

The Quiver X is a carrying bag that’s marketed towards anyone who’s on the go a lot. There are pockets on the inside and outside, a card slot with RFID protection and a laptop/tablet compartment.

Quiver X is advertised to be both waterproof and odorproof. And, it has toiletry compartments and a touch sensitive waterproof compartment. This means you can put your cell phone in the compartment, take the bag in the shower and still use your cell phone in the shower. It’s designed to be the only bag that you need to carry. But, is it worth buying, or should you wait? 

So, Is it really worth it?

The first thing that’s noticed when researching the Quiver X is its size, and how much it will hold. Its dimensions are 26x15x36 cm. This is fairly small, considering that the standard approved carry-on bags are 22x35x56 cm. Because of its small stature, when filled, the bag gets bulky in appearance. It doesn’t hold a lot, either. If you’re looking for something to hold as much as a duffle bag, the Quiver X isn’t the right bag for the job. It holds 10kg at a maximum, and has a 12 litre capacity. They seem to know that this is an issue, and the company says they’re considering making the bag an additional 2-3cm taller. 

Although the company has made it a point to advertise that there’s a padded laptop/tablet compartment, which is a great idea, it’s also a great idea to tell customers how bit the compartment is, which they haven’t. It’s not listed on the front page of the campaign, even though there are other specifications and dimensions listed there.

Backers have asked pretty specific questions about whether their laptops will fit in the compartment, which the company hasn’t responded to. It may be best to assume that it will fit a Kindle.

I have a 17’’ laptop, and I’m pretty sure with those dimensions, that would be the only thing I could really fit in the bag. 

One of the things mentioned repeatedly by the company is that you can use the bag to go from the gym to the boardroom, and they indicate that you can put your shoes in one compartment and your laptop in another. But, where? You probably could fit both into the bag, but it would be really bulky, and it would be hard to carry. This is evidenced in one video when a woman puts a pair of boxing gloves into the main compartment. They fit, but it’s obvious that nothing else will.

An oversight on the designer’s part was not including a quick-access pocket.

There is a small, zippered pocket on the front that’s for necessary belongings. But, the problems here are twofold. First of all, it’s in a zippered pocket, meaning that you have to unzip it and fish around in there every time you want your phone, which no one is going to do. And secondly, someone is going to mess up and put their keys in there, as well. If you put your keys and your cell phone in the same pocket, your screen is going to get scratched up. So, it would be nice to have a second pocket with no zipper, specifically for your phone. 

There’s a zipper-lock mechanism to prevent theft. However, the only zipper with the mechanism is the one on the middle compartment. This means that belongings in other compartments are still vulnerable to theft. Also, you have the option not to use the mechanism, which is kind of ridiculous. This is the pocket where most of your belongings are, so you want it to be protected. It seems like bad planning to design it in such a way that you can forget to lock it. And, if you let a child use the bag, you can all but guarantee that it won’t be locked. The auto-lock zipper function already has flaws in how it’s used. But further adding to Backers’ fears is the fact that the auto-lock zipper function on sample bags that they’ve distributed at sites are already broken and dysfunctional. The company says that they’re upgrading the mechanism to be more durable and that they’ll be paying attention during quality checks. However, this is still a concerning defect that has people questioning the durability of the bag. 

Bottom line

The company is also selling the Nock Pack. It’s designed to go with the Quiver to be used for wet or smelly laundry. It’s a gym or laundry bag, essentially. It can be used in washing machines. That’s great and all, but the fact that it exists is odd because the creators of the Quiver X supposedly designed it to be the only carry bag you would need. So, if you have a master bag, why would you also need a laundry bag? Obviously, it’s partially because they know that the Quiver X is a bit small. But, it also brings up the odor-proof feature of the Quiver X, as well. 

The Quiver X is at least the 2nd design type that this particular company has crowdfunded. So, with that being said, it probably won’t be the last. If you don’t need a large bag, it may be a good fit for you. But, if you need something a bit larger, want to use it as a gym bag, or are concerned about security, you may want to wait on the next campaign to see what design upgrades they’ve made.