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Radius Mosquito Repeller: Your Force field for Mosquitoes

Radius is a palm-size natural mosquito repellent. Unlike some other repellents on the market, Radius does not use harmful chemicals as a component which poses a danger to human and environment. Instead, Radius extracts a natural insecticidal compound called pyrethroid from chrysanthemum flower in making its formula. The compounds do not produce a pungent and strong smell like other repellents, yet, providing a highly effective zone of protection to keep mosquitoes away.

Review and Discussion – Is this repellent worth a buy?

If your skin is easily irritated by spray or lotion, Radius is your best choice.

It does not require applying on the skin and therefore you will feel more comfortable using it. Also, using spray or lotion may wear off after some time (typically 30 – 50 mins) and you need to re-apply it. While radius saves your trouble in a much longer run, there are currently two refills available – 12 hours and 40 hours. I bet you never want to spray your body that many times right?

There are many types of mosquitoes repellent on the market, such as spray, patch, coil, bracelet, lotion, and many more. Each comes with different ingredients, and of course, repelling only toward certain species of mosquitoes. While most common repellents working on regular house mosquitoes and disease-carrying mosquitoes, Radius is not an exception. So, there is no one-for-all solution, and should never expect a zero mosquito bite on any brand of repellent you’re using.

On one hand, Radius is one-of-its-kind. The small and compact design offers a great portability wherever you go. Once activated, Radius covers 110 square foot of areas. Therefore, It’s perfect for your BBQ, outdoor event, campsite, and backyard fun. One thing to take note is that if the environment is windy. Since Radius depends greatly on the repelling scent, that would not be a good idea if there come a rainy or windy day.

How does it smell?
It smells like chrysanthemum flower!

Also, Radius is EPA approved. It means it’s safe for the environment.

What you should know before you go


Another great feature of Radius is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When the juice is out, you can always charge it with any regular USB port available, such as your laptop, portable power bank, wall outlet, etc. A full charge lasts for at least 6 hours. However, here comes the cons, using the USB re-charging is indeed very convenient but slow. In fact, It takes up to 5 hours to fully charge up the Radius.

Radius uses low temperature to gently evaporate the chrysanthemum extracts, and it will take up to 15min until you see the effect. Like other repellents, the cartridge (recyclable) is not reusable so you will need to buy again from Themacell. Judging from the duration (each last for 12hr and 40hr in continuous use) is considerably long, so it is still acceptable in most cases. The refills will soon be available on Amazon, meanwhile, you can get it from the

Another thing you need to know is that most mosquitoes repellents in the market work on other insects as well. Most of the times, it repels other small insects or bugs altogether and it’s actually a great news because the mosquito is not the only one that bites.


They are various ways to keep mosquitoes away from you, we’ll get into detail below.

Unlike this repellent I found on Amazon, Radius does not require combustion and is relatively safe to use. However, Radius needs to be located at a fixed point where it will start to take effect. Therefore, it may not be suitable for hikers/travelers to repel mosquitoes as they’re running rampage in the wild, here is a better option. If you need your fashion vibes to be taken care of, this stylish bracelet repellent is then your best alternative.

Most commonly used repellent is spray. However, spray gives you awful pungent smell on your body for as long as you want and it’s not comfortable. What’s is worse, it may irritate your skin and cause itchiness. Nevertheless, sprays are much cheaper and convenient to use.

What about the ultrasonic repellent like this one “Amazon’s Choice”? Check the recent Amazon review below, you will know the effectiveness of this kind of devices is always questionable.

Price and Warranty

Radius mosquito repellent is now funding (until January 17, 2018) on Indiegogo starts at only $55, while the refills cost $15. By helping the campaign, you are also helping yourself getting off from mosquitoes bite too! Thermacell offers a 1-year warranty on the Radius mosquito repellent, and if you register other Themacell products with them, you will get a warranty up to 2 years.

Check the green link below for more and enjoy a big discount up to 43% off retail price.

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent
Thermacell Mosquito Repellent
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