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RAVEAN Heated Gloves – The Waterproof and Customisable Gloves & Mittens

Ravean Heated Gloves is a high power and long-lasting protective garment. In the review section below, you’ll learn the secret and also whether you should spend money on this glove.

While even with our best reviewed heated jacket here can barely provide a good external protection to your fingers, you will still need a good pair of heated mitten/glove.

Best known for the heated jackets, Ravean had a great success on their first heated jackets Kickstarter campaign in 2015. With the $100k funding goal, the campaign bringing in 10 times of what they asked for. And now they proudly return to Kickstarter community with the heated gloves.


How does it really work? and Worth?

Ravean Heated Gloves, like any other rechargeable heated gloves, but better. It features the 7V temperature adjustable settings whereby it can last up to 6.5 hours on a single charge. The pre-curved fingers design allows a more intuitive and comfortable grip on the object. The Ravean Glove is made of goatskin leather palm and it’s compatible with any touchscreen devices.

For the inner, it has a soft and breathable tricot knit lining and the Hydro-Tex Shell outer layer for waterproof.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this glove?

As for the price, each pair of Ravean Heated Glove starts from $149 (Early Bird). Considering you can get one for lesser than $30 like this one on Amazon, or a similar heated glove like this that cost you half its price, Ravean is certainly on the much higher end.

That said, like many other heated gloves in the market, Ravean doesn’t actually have any outstanding specialty, neither in its function nor appearance.

So, the high cost could be due to the two main material distinctions — The Hydro-Tex® Shell outer layer and the Goatskin leather. Goatskin is commonly used to make rugs, gloves, and boots due to its excellent durability, plus, it gives a good waterproof. Most of the heated gloves used cotton fabrics and leather material. Cotton fabrics made gloves are certainly soft and comfortable, but it’s not as durable and does not last long until everything comes apart (for light duty).

Whereas for the leather, it’s much more durable for heavy duty work with a better heat isolating, the price is likewise higher.

Other than that, Ravean is pretty solid in the sense that very few backers (from the previous campaign) complaints about the quality issues. Mostly concerns about the shipping and related. Also, they seem dedicated and proactively taking care of their backers on the issues. If you think this is for you, feel free to support their Kickstarter campaign here.

RAVEAN Heated Glove
RAVEAN Heated Glove
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This heated glove offers a premium quality and the creators stand firmly by the well-known brand name.

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