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RetraStrap: The Anti-theft Strap For Your Luggage

RetraStrap is an anti-theft strap for your luggage.

When you’re out traveling in the foreign country, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to take good care of your belongings. Over years, there are so many cases of tourist losses their luggage and the chances of getting back their item are nearly zero.

Regardless of traveling in the third world country or the developed urban city, there are thefts, pickpockets, and scams in any corner of the world.

Keep your awareness up.


RetraStrap is a hands-free strap to secure your luggage by wearing it as a crossbody strap. It is elastic and retractable, serves as the last line of protection to your luggage, RetraStrap’s function is similar to a camera strap.

The idea of RetraStrap is not for you to totally hands-off from your luggage, but anti-theft and anti-forgetting (yes, it happens all the time!). It features the stretchy strap like a car suspension for a non-wobbling travel experience. While your hand might be tiring of pulling your luggage, let Retrastrap take up half the work!

Should you buy them?

Review and Discussion — Worth it?

While some other taking a newer cutting-edge approach such as using GPS, motion sensors or an app, RetraStrap goes for an old-school style of solving the existing problem. The idea is great. Imagine you have too many other things to carry, such as a baby stroller or bags, RetraStrap certainly comes in handy while giving you a minimum “over-the-shoulder” protection to your belongings.

The strap is useful if your luggage is big and heavy. It allows you pulling with your torso and less effort. Therefore, you can walk in an upright posture instead of slightly leaned with one arm at the back.

Although it is not designed to ease your transportation, hours of wearing the strap may abrade your skin and you will not be wearing long before putting it aside. On the other hand, the strap is elastic and good to prevent any grab-and-run theft, but not the cut-and-run theft. A theft with average IQ will definitely use a blade or scissors to cut through the non-protected strap with ease. For improvement, the creator may want to add some reinforcements like this anti-theft camera strap for an additional layer of protection.

Nonetheless, the strap does not cost you a bank. More importantly, it provides the last line of protection in case of theft snatching. With that, The RetraStrap is now funding on Indiegogo for only $25 and you will be expecting to receive your strap in May 2018.

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5.4 Total Score

  • Elastic and retractable
  • Last line anti-theft and anti-forgetting
  • Suspension to absorb shock
  • Pull with torso in less effort
  • Prone to cut
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