REVO Party Barge: Your Best Food Display

The common traits in our younger generation — take photos before doing anything and post it on the Instagram. Not only happening to the young, the first thing even my grandma will do is to proudly post the photos of her mouth-watering food to the social media. In fact, food presentation is so important that it quickly jumpstarts your appetite before eating.


Review and Discussion — Worth a buy?

For those who love house/guest party and event a lot, REVO Party barge is a must-have for you. Firstly, it is not pricey. It is now funding on Kickstarter for only about $119 — let’s say you can grab one at an early bird price. However, It is not so well-worth if the campaign ended and it is going to retail at about $200. That’s like 7 times the price of this serving stand and 3 times the price of this ice bucket set. So, if you think this is for you, Act Fast.

Secondly, the volume of each serving. Please be noted that REVO party barge is not too big and it can hold up to a volume for not more than 5 adult man. Specifically, 18 bottles of wine/liquor max with no space for food. So, you may want to get a few more for a bigger party.

Last but not least, REVO party barge has a length of 44″ and weighs 14 lbs. If you are doing party outdoor, you must consider the portability to fit in your vehicle. Plus the weight of 18 glass of wine bottles, it is so much heavier than your ice bucket.