Rite Press – The Coffee Press that Gives You Absolute No Mess

Rite Press is a reinvent of your average coffee press.
Below we will discuss if this new coffee press worth buying.

Are you a coffee head?

Our everyday morning ritual is not complete without a cup of coffee. A full-flavored fresh brew coffee makes a good cut-point between the awakeness and sleepiness, and is one of the essential to kick-off your productivity for the day. Except that you prefer to drive-thru on Starbuck, most people would rather love to brew their own cup of quality coffee. And definitely, you do not need a degree to operate an intuitive french press like this one in your office.

However, cleaning one of this piece of equipment is a hassle. That’s why Rite Press comes in.

Review and Discussion – Do you really need this Coffee Press?

Remind me of this pant that made from coffee beans, this coffee press is the total reverse of that process. So, the two most important criteria when brewing your coffee other than the bean quality is the procedure — the brewing time and temperature. It’s creditable that the Rite Press has thoughtfully integrated the blue-green-red thermometer on the plunger and an hourglass timer sat at the side for a more precise brewing. Since the thermometer will have to dip into the coffee, you will have to make sure it’s cleaned every time before use.


The idea is great, but…

Rite Press tried to address a solution to the cleanup process by using a proprietary removable bottom. Many backers have also asked for the actual demo video on cleaning the Rite Press equipment, which we can’t find it anywhere on the campaign page. One concern is that if the bean grounds coarse (varies sizes) is fine enough to push down to the bottom, which poses a risk of clogging the mesh and filter. End up, you still need to clean it up like your regular French Press.

On one hand, the hourglass is told to be magnetic, but we can’t be sure if that is removable. That said, the hourglass is not small in size and some may find it a little gimmicky and superfluous, (i.e coffee spills), and would rather use a smartphone as the timer.

For the ceramic version, it has an aesthetic look but is breakable and single-walled. In order words, it will not retain the heat that well in compared to the double wall version. The price, however, does not come cheap in compared to the popular French press like this one on Amazon. That said, each 1/2 liter version of Rite Press starts at $25 (Early Bird), 1-liter version costs about $40, and the ceramic is for $75.

Even though many have viewed this product positively, and the Kickstarter even marked this as “Kickstarter We Love”. No one can be sure until we get the real product hands-on.