Runtastic – Discover the App that Will Help with Physical Exercises

Runtastic comes from the house of Adidas, the world-renowned shoe designer and manufacturer brand. Because the organization also makes sports shoes for all kinds of professional games, it is evident that they will also provide the community with an application to help train. 

The Adidas training application is replete with intuitive features meant to deliver tracking and related functions to the users. While using the application, users will face challenges that push them to work out harder and motivate them to become a better version of themselves. 


The users can benefit from workouts curated by experts shared in the application meant for all trainees and everyday exercising. The interface is super easy to use, and most of all, Runtastic is free, which means that you may have to make do with some ads. 

Runtastic - Discover the App that Will Help with Physical Exercises
Image Source: Adidas Group

About The Application

Runtastic is a fitness social media network built to help users train, workout, and build their fitness regime. The application has several groups of exercises targeting either a sports category or a body part and suggests the training exercises required to strengthen and train. 

Runtastic - Discover the App that Will Help with Physical Exercises
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Well, from the looks of it, the Runtastic may look like an application for running only. While running is a major part of the application’s functionalities, it is not the only thing you can focus on using the application. 

The difference between Runtastic and other social fitness applications is that the former has a super accurate workout tracking system. It works in conjunction with other similar Adidas-provided applications to meticulously track the activities efficiently. 

Running With Runtastic Is Fun And Rewarding

There is no shortage of features in Runtastic, especially when it comes to running and tracking. Apart from the rudimentary features like tracking and reporting your progress that you will find in any other application, Runtastic has a set of four advanced features. 

Challenges: First, it has a Challenges section that gets you moving. Those who need a bit of motivation before they can strap on their shoes and start their journey towards fitness will find this feature helpful. These are missions that you can complete in a specific timeframe. 

Track Your Shoes: Shoe tracking is the next running feature you need to know while working with the application. After sharing which shoes you had used to run, Runtastic will share the kilometers you have covered in those shoes and suggest when it’s time to buy a new pair. 

Cheering Via Live Tracking

If that is not enough, Runtastic goes one step further and has inserted a cheering feature that will allow your friends to motivate you while you are running. Enabling Live Tracking will let your friends know your position and cheer as you are running. 

Runtastic - Discover the App that Will Help with Physical Exercises
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Reset and Begin Again: Runtastic has yet another amazing in-built feature to help you take some rest while training, rejuvenate, and get back at it with full vigor. There are preset sessions that are structured to promote interval training. 

Main Features Of Runtastic

The best part about using Runtastic is that it is free. However, there are a few premium features provided as in-app purchases that you need to buy to use the entire suite of features. Starting with the tracking abilities of the application. Runtastic has a bunch of tracking possibilities beginning from the most common, GPS tracking. 

In addition to this, it can track the calories burned, duration and continuously monitor the heart for as long as you are exercising and otherwise too. The best part is that Runtastic can also help you measure training and exercise-related data of 120 applications meant for yoga, walking, and other sorts of training.

You can also set your own goals and follow them till completion. Runtastic gives you the opportunity to get fit as per your own rules. It will help you track every aspect of the training and scale your training regimen as you get more active and start achieving your goals. 

An Application With Global Outreach

It is only expected from a brand like Adidas that they will allow the users to enhance their outreach to a global level. The users can participate in virtual races and compete with everyone participating in the community. Your activity records are saved and help you achieve new accomplishments. 

Runtastic - Discover the App that Will Help with Physical Exercises
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Not only this, with Runtastic, you can create your community of followers by sharing your thoughts, achievements, and perspectives. Your followers also include the running community who wish to stay updated with your activities. 

The application newsfeed will serve you with the people you follow and bring you the latest news from Adidas. 

This is a great feature for professional trainers looking to attract a higher percentage of the audience. This can help them get in touch with potential customers who may want to receive personal training. 

Other Features Of Runtastic

While working with Runtastic, you will find yourself immersed in a wide array of features that are meant to enhance your overall experience. While using Runtastic, you can also integrate the application with several other fitness apps to collaborate the exercise regimen under one hood. 

You can connect with applications like My Fitness Pal, Suunto, Kinomap, Polar, etc., to increase the scope and scale of tracking abilities. Social sharing is actually rewarding when you share the right type of content. Runtastic’s association with the Relive app lets you create exciting training videos to share with your community and get more followers. 

Another great feature that you should know about is Story Running, an audiobook that will play stories while running. If you have heard of the running app Zombie Run, this is one of those applications that also shares stories of apocalypse or the world being run over by zombies, and you have to run to save yourself. 

How To Use The App

Runtastic started working as a running app with GPS-tracking. Today, it has become a part of a bigger universe of full-body training and workout with features targeting specific areas to train and improve. Using Runtastic is easy and intuitive. However, a lot depends on what kind of activity you wish to track and perform.

Runtastic - Discover the App that Will Help with Physical Exercises
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After deciding which type of exercise you want to perform, open the application and make your account. Fill in the details (name, age, height, weight, etc.) and choose your exercise. Either you can set goals for the exercise or start tracking and check your potential first. 

In any case, Runtastic will keep track of your activities and count your calories burned, distance covered, and duration. 

Benchmarking Your Performance

Because Runtastic has evolved from a simple running application to a much more integrated application, it can help you set milestones in terms of performance. For instance, you can set your goals for weight loss, running 10,000 kilometers, half marathon, marathon, and others. 

Where benchmarks work mostly as a goal-setting thing, Runtastic has pre-built interval-based tracking abilities. Choosing these pre-programmed sessions helps enhance the performance. 

For instance, time-based interval sessions enable 8×400 meter runs and the rest of 200 meters. However, these types of interval-based sessions are meant for professionals who aim to scale up their performance gradually. Suppose you are not a professional runner, better stick to setting your goals and following them. 

Premium Features And Their Benefits

It is evident that the users who pay for a service and those who are freeloaders will receive a different treatment. Similarly, with Runtastic, the premium features have some more and better to offer. First off, there is a route finder that will help you find the best running routes. 

Runtastic - Discover the App that Will Help with Physical Exercises
Image Source: Venture Beat

There are predetermined paths already mapped out in the application. These routes are set as per the distance, climb, and a few other factors. You can also search for new routes by typing in keywords like hills to find specific running routes in hills. 

In the free app version, you cannot pause the tracking midway. So, if you have to take a break from the training, the time will keep running, and other metrics will work as it is. But the pro version gives you the ability to pause the tracking at any point and continue it from where you left. 

The application’s premium version also includes the Adidas Training 6-week and 12-week shape-up exercises that provide customized bodyweight management plans. 

Cost To Use Runtastic

Most of the application features are free and won’t cost you a dime to track your fitness regimen. From making an account to using the application’s social networking power, it is free to use. 

You can download the application from Google Play Store, make an account, and start using its free features. 

In addition to this, some features will be unlocked with the PRO version of the application. The premium version features are meant to enhance the user experience and increase the possibilities of self-training while giving access to pre-built training plans corresponding to health goals. 


Thinking about whether to get the free version or the premium one? Well, go with the free version first as Runtastic has a lot to offer especially if you are a beginner in fitness training. Try setting some goals and track your performance. Monitor your progress and understand the app’s contribution to that. 

Runtastic is a great application for everyone, be it a professional trainer or an individual looking to fit. It is a modern application made with several layers of adaptive features with an immersive interface.