Honeylove Sculptwear – The Smart Targeted Compression Shapewear

Honeylove Sculptwear is an innovative shapewear for hours of comfort. In this article, we will discuss whether if you should really spend money on this product.

It’s really hard to know what type of shapewear to buy yourself. There are so many different brands, and some of the high-end shapewear like this one on Amazon can cost hundreds of dollars. There are also things to consider when buying such as size and durability. If it doesn’t fit and it will break after two weeks, was it really worth hundreds of dollars to look good for a couple of weeks?

Also, if they don’t fit and aren’t made well, you can end up with “muffin top”, it can shift, roll and be REALLY uncomfortable, sometimes even painful to wear.

Overview – Is It Worth Buying?

Sculptwear claims to be an answer to all of these problems, plus a few that most people don’t even consider when buying. It was created by singer/artist Betsie Larkin as a way to get a sleek silhouette on stage, without rolling.

Sculptwear was designed by women, for women. It comes in a variety of sizes, from small-3X, in order to fit many different shapes of women. It comes in two different colors: black and sand (The sand color is designed to not show through light colored clothing.)  The same elements that give it its sturdiness and you the tone also help your posture. While it’s toning, it also releases and breathes, so you can breathe easy in it, as well. And if all that wasn’t good enough: it’s machine washable!


There are a few celebrities backing it and tons of good reviews for Sculptwear.

But, is it really worth buying?

Review and Discussion – Do you really need this shapewear?

Well, for starters, one is around $69-$79, depending on if you get the “early bird” special or not. A quick Google shopping search will tell you that makes it be around mid-range in price. The kicker here is the $35 international shipping cost. Lots of people are complaining about that in the comments. The company replies to these complaints by showing that USPS charges $34 for the box they use to ship the product, so it’s legitimate.

Since it’s on Kickstarter, they’re estimating that they’re going to start shipping in August. So, even if you pay the $35 shipping, you aren’t going to get it for months. It’s just up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to you or not to pay that. Personally, I know it wouldn’t be worth it to me. That said, you can get a much cheaper alternative on Amazon like this shapewear that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Although it’s a selling point that Sculptwear is machine washable, it cannot go in the dryer. And, even at that, it has to be washed in a lingerie bag. What’s handy is that a lingerie bag is included in the purchase, along with a lavender scented sachet and a 1-hour mix by Betsie Larkin. I was rather surprised when I read this because it’s not often that one thinks “I’m going to promote my demo along with my lingerie!”. And I think that most of these CDs will probably wind up in landfills somewhere. I suppose they could be useful as holiday gifts for people at the office.

Even if you wash them in the lingerie bag and then air dry them (as is recommended), it’s not really known how long they last. It’s estimated at around a year, maybe more. So, for that, it’s probably worth $69-$79.

Before you decide to buy one, however, it’s important to note that sizing is so tricky that they suggest you do a “fit consultation”. Even then, it may not fit right. Sculptwear has removable straps so that you can stretch the torso to fit yours. That’s right, it stretches… about an inch. Also, the inseam is 7 inches. That was designed to fit over the thick parts of thighs on most women. But, it won’t for all women. I would personally need about another inch.

So, is it worth it? Well, you decide that for yourself. But, for me, I don’t want to pay for shipping on something I won’t get for months, have it not fit right, pay over $100 overall for it, not know how long it’s going to last, and have it be hard to care for (if you don’t wash it in the bag or forget and put it in the dryer, it’s done for), and get unsolicited music from someone I’ve never even heard of. Personally, if it’s going to cost that much and be that much of a hassle, I’m just going to go buy some Spanx via Amazon.

This article is contributed by our editor, Sarah.