Seaview 180® SV2 – The Full Face Snorkel Mask Without Fogging & Leaking

Seaview 180® SV2 is the latest version of their flagship SV1 snorkel mask on Amazon (link below). In this review of the Seaview 180 SV2, you will learn what to take note before buying. And ultimately, does it really worth a buy?

The series of these snorkeling masks are designed for you to stay on the water surface and is not meant for diving longer than 3-4 min underwater (holding breathe). Commonly in snorkel masks, people experience gagging and leaking if the mask doesn’t fit well to the face contour. Thanks to the thoughtful compartmented design, some of these problems were lifted. At the same time, many were also complaints about the suffocating experience when using the Seaview 180 SV1, you can learn more from what their customers said via Here.

So, what about the new SV2?

Review and Discussion – Should you buy this snorkeling mask?

For now, Seaview doesn’t provide a prescription option for myopic divers. While the creators (Wildhorn Outfitters) have been nudged a few times by backers, but the option is hardly achievable due to the fact that the whole mask structure needs to be redesign in order to fit the lenses. Therefore, if you are one of those who can’t care less about the blurry diving, you might need to look for alternatives.

One good alternative is this one by SportEyes with suction cup design which could be in your favor.


Each Seaview 180® SV2 is now available for $79 on Kickstarter. Considering that you can get most of the similar snorkel mask on Amazon (like this one) for lesser than $40. Seaview is definitely on the high-end edge of the market. Quality speaks, customers of SV1 are buying the ideas and technology even at the higher price point, SV1 have received over 2000 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Despite the price, the overall positive reviews indicating that this product is a way to go in terms of the quality. Sounds good, isn’t it? Before jumping to the conclusion, take a quick search on other similar full face snorkel mask, most of the other masks are actually having at least 4 out of 5 stars. So, nothing conclusive here.

Snorkeling mask is never a scarcity.

For those who are concerning about equalizing the Seaview 180 SV2, the fact is — you can’t. Since they have both the similar structures, here I have found a video explaining of equalizing the Seaview 180 SV1.

Sv2 mask comes with a GoPro mount, and it’s awesome!

Also, one thing to take note is that if you have a full beard, this full face mask is not for you as the water can slowly seep through the gaps. On one hand, the creators claimed that it’s still fine for light scruff.

Lastly, this product is shipping only to certain countries (check above). If you are staying out of these countries, you may need to put up a wait for the shipping.