MicroBot Sense – The 24 hours Atmospheric Monitoring Device

Sense is a microbot to give you an insight of the atmospheric variables. In this review, we will discuss if this device really worth a buy.

Sense is a sensor device to actively monitoring your household air quality. Other than the harmful gases, the air quality can often be affected by the particulates (such as dust and fur) and microbial contaminants. Slowly but surely, it affects your family’s health. That’s when the air purifier comes in, but in order to detect that, you’ll need a monitoring device.

Air quality monitor is never a scarcity. So, how is the Sense different from the rest?

And ultimately…

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this air quality monitor?

Sense is a gimmicky smart sensor that features a palm-sized portability for 24 hours checking of the environmental air quality. Most of the time, where would you put this device on? the office, car, backyard, bike or bring it with you 24/7? Certainly, you are not. It has to be sitting in your house, and at the very least it’s also the primary purpose of this device, right? — to check the air quality.

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Except that you’re having babies/kids/pets at home, why would you need to check the home air for 24-hours a day if you are spending most of your time in the office? Moreover, even if you were alerted about the air quality drops, there is not much you can do next. And you will still need to get yourself an air purifier if you don’t have one already and sync it via IFTTT, Google Home, or Alexa.

When you are out, and the AC is off, it alerted you — “It’s getting hot here”.

The fact is, we can “feel” it and don’t really need it in most cases.

If you are serious about that, here is a more sensible device I found on Amazon that allows you to remotely (via mobile app) check and control your home air quality, and act accordingly.

Many also commented about the other functions such as the motion sensor and light detection are somewhat unnecessary since there are many smart devices can already do the better task. Also, using this device as your bike’s alarm and GPS tracker makes the main functions going down the drain.

Overall, this device is useful if you are looking for the multi-purpose microbot instead of one specific function. For example, you want to frequently use it if someone knocking the door, laundry is done, checking if the light is off and the air quality, but not everything in one. Either way, here is a better sensor for you.