Sensorwake Trio – The Smell-based Alarm Clock

A couple of years ago, Sensorwake took a big spot on CES and Google Science Fair. The idea was simple, it is a device with the selectable scent cartridges which each has a different smell. I love the idea of waking up with a pleasant smell, but unavoidably, there are problems come with it as we have discussed in a similar product called Sleepie last month.

Aside from all the overly-event-showcasing statement on their first Kickstarter campaign, there are lesser than 10% of the page explaining the technical aspect of the SensorWake. As the 18ys founder grew up, now the 2.0 campaign is matured and filled with a lot more product spec details.

The overall feedback from the previous backers was somewhat negative, we will go through the detail in the section below.

Therefore in this review, we are going to focus on this “improved” 2.0 version called Sensorwake Trio and answering your same old but golden question — is it really worth it?

SensorWake Trio is no longer just a smell-based alarm clock. It is now ready to wake you up with all 3 senses — sound, smell and sight. Each capsule is ready for 30 uses and is 100% naturally derived. Also, the newer 2.0 version has included a backup battery that lasts for up to 2 years.

Review and Discussion — Is Sensorwake Trio Worth It?

A few years ago, it was quite surprised when people get to know the idea of using scent as the alarm clock. But as for now, it’s no longer a news in 2018. Same goes for the newer Sensorwake Trio, the use of 3 senses in the alarm clock is unimpressed and is actually a repeated idea. In fact, someone has done that before and many companies attempt to make one for the gimmick, but most failed quite miserably, such as this one and some other which I can’t even find the product by now.

Likewise to SensorWake. Although it looks pretty neat inside out and has been featured all over the giant platforms, there are things only the end-users know. That said, the Sensorwake 1.0 campaign was filled with negativity right after the backers received their rewards.

We have gathered some of the most discussed reasons for the fails:

  • Loud fan motor
  • The capsule smells nothing like they should (inaccurate)
  • The intensity of the smell (too weak)
  • The smell capsule leaks and lingers

Apparently, the creators have taken some of the feedback into the consideration when designing the Trio. As they have claimed that the improved fan is now quieter, as well as the capsule is now sealed. However based on the previous lesson, whether will it lives up to the promises, we can’t really sure until we’ve got the sample at hand.

Despite all that, what we love about Sensorwake is that it’s not a solvent-based device. And it doesn’t require users to heat up the essential oil, cleaning up the mess, and is much safer to use. That said, the flip side is to keep purchasing capsule from their website over and over again as we couldn’t just use our own essential oil. Also, one thing to take note is that each capsule actually lasts for 30 uses, not 30 days as advertised.

On the other hand, Sensorwake Trio, like its first version, is more of a barebone alarm clock rather than your high-end Bluetooth-enabled kind of alarm clock that shoot lasers. It comes with simple functions, period. In the sense that it’s not really practical for daily use. What I mean by that is the lack of customization options, such as you can’t adjust the scent strength, light intensity, use only the pre-set melodies, unable to disable either of the 3 functions, and even some of the most basic function of an alarm clock (including to schedule through the week), no app, etc.

Fortunately, you can still adjust the sound volume.

For users from different country, the creators will send out the power outlet in accordance with your country’s standard. Also, since it’s a French product and they have their own warehouse located in French, there will be no customs taxes for EU backers. For some reason, shipping to the US will also be free.

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Although the creator has stated that they would love to include bacon scent if there are enough people asking for it, the fact is, it once had a bacon capsule (for SensorWake 1.0) but too many people disgusted by it, so they took it out.


In overall, is this SensorWake Trio worth it? It’s a no from us. Other than the reasons mentioned above, unlike light/sound, the smell is a rather subjective question. Some love it, others hate it. However, as the scent is the main selling point, most of the complaints are still surrounding the scent. On one hand, I’m surprised that there is little to none the company has done anything about the scent improvement but with all the re-designing of the device.

Anyway, you can bet your luck on it but we suggesting otherwise. Forget about the smell, go for this light-based alarm clock I found on Amazon.