Sento: The Ultra Soft Bathrobes & Slippers

Back from a workday loaded with mental and physical exhaustion, taking a warm energy-replenishing shower is one of the most luxurious enjoyments that doesn’t cost a fortune. Take it to another level, hotels usually will supply their visitors with comfortable bathrobes and slippers for a reason — great relaxation experience. The better you relax, the happier experience you will have in their hotels.

With that, getting yourself a comfy bathrobe is usually neglected by most average people, but not for richer. Think about it, you can walk around with your warm bathrobe on, chilling on the sofa, reading books, collecting mail, or even watching Netflix with your loved one. What more could you ask for?

However, having a bad quality bathrobe does not elevate the experience but will turn it into an unnecessary step.

Meet Sento. Sento gives you a super comfortable experience with their latest product — quilted and waffle bathrobe with matching slipper. But, there are already so many options in the market such as this Turkish cotton bathrobe on Amazon, what make Sento stand out?

Let’s move on to the secret of Sento.

Review: Ultra Soft Quilted and Waffle bathrobe by Sento

After a successful campaign with their Sento Towel that raised over 1millions AU$ (~766k USD), Sento is now back with luxurious bathrobes and slippers that made with users in mind. Made of 100% Japanese cotton, Sento bathrobe is providing you a whole new level of comfortness. It features two styles, the quilted and waffle bathrobe.

The secret that makes it special is that it’s made of full 100% premium cotton. Unlike any other bathrobe in the market, Sento does not mix the fabric with other elements which downgrades the comfortability. Instead, it gives you a natural skin sensation of plush feeling throughout the day. You will never want to take it off.

Just like your soft bed sheet, but it’s now a luxurious wearable bathrobe.

Sento bathrobe is heavier than regular bathrobes. Did you ever wonder why is the hospital’s blanket is always heavier than ours? A weighted blanket gives patients a snug feeling and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety in adults and kids. Sento bathrobe, on the other hand, works on the same principle, to recharge your energy from a workday with loads of stresses.

To keep you cozy from head to toe, the quilted bathrobe also includes a double stitches hoodies and a hand warmer. It has an inner pocket for your phone or any small item.

For waffle bathrobe, it is lighter and also softer than the quilted robe. One added benefit for the waffle is that it is machine washable and it will get softer with every wash. Waffle bathrobe is more penetrable and breathable than the quilted bathrobe and is therefore suitable for summer use. Due to that, it resists the growth of germs and bacteria for up to 99%.

Price and Discount

Sento bathrobe is now available for only $79. By supporting their Kickstarter project now, you can enjoy a discount rate up to 47% off future retail price. You can choose from 4 color choices for each style. For every pledge over $100 you bought, you will get a pair of comfy matching slipper.

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