ShieldX – The Stylish Key Holder

ShieldX is a sleek key holder. In this review article, we will discuss if you should buy this thing.

Just like you, our keychain with bunches of keys is often big, heavy and bulky to carry around. It’s ringed together and almost impossible to slip into your Jeans pocket. Unless you’re using only the flat keys, our keys often come in a variety of shape, length and design for each key.

Another issue of keys with sharp edges is that it can easily rip holes of the inside of your pocket.

For this, ShieldX has addressed a solution with their shield-like key holder.



Review and Discussion — Is this key holder worth buying?

Remind me of one hugely successful Kickstarter key tracker campaign called Tile years back (it’s now on Amazon via here for those of you careless people), ShieldX, however, is nowhere near the technology. It’s an aluminum-made simple key holder, period.

There are a few things you need know about this product.

First off, ShieldX is best for the flat keys with no protruding or thick body. Although it’s advertised to keep up to 10 keys, it doesn’t seem to be in most cases where people have keys like skeleton keys (lever-type), tubular keys, fat car keys, four-sided keys and many more. The next question, how can you fit all these into the ShieldX holder? and how many of them can really be fitted if there is a default of 10 for flat keys.

Apparently, the number is much smaller.

Also, the way you flip out a stack of your keys is neither smart nor convenient (check here). That said, you can’t flip only a single key out of a bunch. And that’s what makes it less useful and slower in compared to the keychain. Therefore, here is a similar key organizer I found on Amazon. It’s much sleeker and can quickly poke only one key out of many. Most importantly, it’s cheaper.

Not just a better design, but a smarter.

On the other hand, let’s say you have lesser keys, the ShieldX will provide you the spacers to fill the gaps so that to prevent the dangling keys fit loosely. And yes, they did not come out with different size and design options.

Overall, ShieldX is a cool key holder with not much added value to your existing keychain. It’s, however, giving you a cleaner organized look. As for me, until they are coming back with the ShieldX 2.0 (if any), I would rather suggest you the other one key organizer (above) via Amazon.