ShockStop Seatpost – The Comfortable Bike Suspension


ShockStop Seatpost is a new bike suspension system for a smoother riding experience. Below in this review, we will discuss if this suspension seatpost worth a buy.

To all the bikers out there, we knew the shaky feeling when cycling on the loose or rough surface. It’s not comfortable at all, and the bumpy ride actually makes cycling tougher and less enjoyable. If your bike does not come with a built-in suspension system, here is a cool bike suspension seatpost by Redshift Sports via Kickstarter (now on Indiegogo).


Three years ago, Redshift Sports had their 2nd Kickstarter campaign funded successfully with more than 3x the pledge goal. It was a shock-absorbing bike stem, you can learn more here. Now they are back with — again, a suspension system, but this time is for the seatpost.

But… is this thing a hero? or zero. We will see.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this seatpost?

Each ShockStop seatpost is now selling at $139. While comparing ShockStop seatpost to a rigid bike stem is a no-brainer, what about putting it side by side with competitors? Does it still make this product a superior?


The fact is, there are already plenty of spring-loaded suspension systems in the market that provides the similar result. One good example is this one I found on Amazon, it’s rated good, cheaper and loved by many buyers.

Other than the design differences, ShockStop does offer a selectable spring stiffness to fit your own need.

To choose the stiffness that fits you the best, put that in mind that it could be affected by your body weight, roads to travel, and your personal “bounciness” preferences.

Another concern would be on the compatibility. If your bike has a regular round seatpost with 27.2mm in diameter or greater, it fits. On the other hand, some of the bikes which having a non-round or smaller size will not be well suited and therefore not recommended.

For accountability, many backers have a positive experience using their previous product and so far there are not many complaints/obvious flaws in both the new and old products. Also, the creators are dedicated and trustable, so the pricing is actually the main issue that put many off the page.

It reminds me of this bike spring campaign last year March on Kickstarter, ShockStop seatpost, however, appears to me not really a winner in terms of both the functionality and pricing.

Overall, is this product worth it? Yes, if you don’t mind spending a bit more for the gimmick. Personally, the price is not that worth for the simple functionality it brings to your bike. Also, you will need to take care of the VAT if you’re from EU as mentioned by a few backers, plus an additional $20 shipping charges ($6 for the United States), which makes this already over-priced product a burning to your wallet.

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