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Sleepie – Wake up naturally by light, smell and sound

Sleepie is a new way to wake you up by using 3 natural senses so to make every groggy morning a truly refreshing experience. In this review, we will discuss in detail of whether is this new device really worth buying.

One of the first and hardest struggles is in your morning bed. The fact is many of us would still waking up feeling groggy and tired even with the recommended amount of sleep. Some say it’s the irregular circadian rhythm to blame, while the others thought it as a signal on your current health conditions. Either way, could it actually be the alarm clock’s fault? For years, we have been forcefully waking up by loud sounds to interfere with our natural sleep cycle, and it could be all wrong.

So here is a new alarm clock combining light, sound and smell to kickstart your day in a much gentle way. However, the idea is far from revolutionary and the outcome (from similar products) are often less satisfying to customers, we will explain further below so to give you a good idea of what you’re expected to know before spending money on this novelty.

Review and Discussion – It this device worth it?

First off, let me clarify that this wheel-reinventing product is no way near a first-of-its-kind. That said, there are some similar alarm clocks (combining sound/light/smell) already on the market doing an okay job, such as this one by Sound Oasis is one of the few which got a relatively positive feedback. Others? failed miserably.

To find the possibility of will it happens on Sleepie as well? We’ll have to take everything apart.

For the lighting alarm feature, we knew that there are quite a number of light-based alarm clocks in the market. One good example would be this one I found on Amazon by Philips which simulate sunrise, and people are loving it. Therefore, unless the finalized Sleepie has its own quality issues, people are generally quite adapted to the idea of using light as the morning alarm. One side note, Sleepie do not offer a “sunrise” effect, it’s just like the way a normal bulb lighting. Check the demo video on the campaign page.

What about the “smell” feature on Sleepie?

To know whether this feature really working, we have to study the response from the general public.

Unfortunately, smell-based alarm clock did not receive much love from the people. In fact, there was a popular smell-based alarm clock Kickstarter campaign called SensorWake which took the community by storm 3 years ago, and it had been reported with mostly negative reviews from the backers. As for how we see it, the main reason responsible for so many negativity is due to the fact that how “good” and how “strong” of a smell is a question rather subjective from person to person. So in general for smell-based alarm clocks, there are actually many complaints about the strength of smell.

Back to Sleepie.

Although the scientific claim (check the paper here) in the video is correct, you’ll need to take note that there is no control setting to control the strength of the scents. In other words, the smell can be overwhelming which ended up filling up your room with all the intense smell and lingers for hours, which is what happened in the case of SensorWake. If you don’t think it’s bad enough, too much of essential oil can actually pose a danger to your family’s health.

Lack of customization

On the other hand, we found that this Sleepie campaign lacks a number of possible customizable options. For example, the scent option and the light color are both limited to blue/lavender/citrus, which I am sure there will be people not liking it. Furthermore, other colors of light will have their own function too!

Although the creator has later explained that you can use your own essential oil to replace theirs, backers are still hoping to see them offering more scent option as part of the pledges reward.

Likewise to the mobile app, the app is technically too simple with not many options to choose. It only allows you to select the ringing time for the next day as shown in the app video. Perhaps the app is under-developing, so there is no scheduling, alarm sound options, and many more features to be expected. I have found that the creator does explain part of it in the comment section:

As from a backer’s point of view, why are they not adding it anywhere in the campaign if the posted promo video does not fully represent the upcoming functionality? So, what am I really buying if I don’t have a clue of what’s in it? If the creator gets to read this article, I hope that he will reconstruct the campaign so as to gain more trust from the fellow backers.

Other than the screenshot above, the creator has also promised that there will be some features adding in such as gradually intensifying light, which we don’t really see it mentioned anywhere on the page as well (but on the comment page), so it’s safe to assume not to have that options, as we’ve seen many Kickstarter creators tend to be overly promising things which many at the end disappoint the backers.

As for the campaign itself, again, it is lack of some crucial information regarding the design and function.  Another concern affecting the trustability is that the creator did not respond to some constructive questions that were asked by backers. Many creators tend to forget that Kickstarter, as a crowdfunding platform (instead of an online store), is a place where the discussion has to happen so people can join hands to share the creator’s vision on a good idea.

As far as it goes, we summarized this project as a lack of professionalism and thought-out plan, at least in the eyes of a backer.

In overall, is it worth it? We don’t think so. Other than the point mentioned, the top reason is that the smell-based alarm clocks have been reported to perform poorly in many cases. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind about it and would still like to give it a shot, there is a link below to their campaign to grab some early bird deals.

Funny enough, we came across this flying alarm clock on Amazon, but we don’t think it’s for serious buyer 🙂

Sleepie - The smell, light and sound alarm clock.
Sleepie - The smell, light and sound alarm clock.
This project is funding on Kickstarter and will end on Fri, June 15 2018.
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