Sleepman: A cool sleep-enhancing wristband


Does this device worth a buy? and why does it get suspended. Here we will tell you why.

An average person took one-third of their lifetime sleeping. Having a good night sleep is unneglectable, it’s crucial for your work performance and efficiency. I once heard that someone tried to sleep less trying to achieve more, and he ends up sleep more the next few days to recover the fatigue, and that person is me. The fact is our human body is not a machine, sleeping can directly affect your mental and physical health.


Exactly, but why do you need this?

Sleep longer but feel more tired?

Wonder why you feel tired even after a long sleep? Sleep longer is not equal to the quality of sleep, at all. Every day, our body went through a few round of sleep cycles. Each cycle lasts for about 90 minutes and there are 5 stages of them— stage 1, 2, 3, 4 and REM (rapid eye movement).

The answer to the question above is that you’ve probably interrupted your sleep cycle midway by any mean of noises. It could be an environmental noise, having a bad dream, or biological/health issues (such as waking up for the toilet, insomnia, etc). Without running a full sleep cycle is almost as bad as no sleep at all. So, the key here is to wake up straight after the cycle is completed and right before entering the next. And we humans are hard to predict, some days you might be exhausted by a full load of work while the other is not. Therefore, it’s not easy to wake up exactly at a certain point, neither hardly be done by your 7 a.m. alarm clock.


So how to solve the problem?

As always, consulting your doctor is the last resort. So before we get into the detail of Sleepman wristband, there are already some devices on the market that helps you sleep better. For the camparison purpose, let’s check them out. People like me tend to over-thinking before falling asleep, this device from Amazon is a lighting system that helps to stay focus by displaying a series of relaxing light effects on the ceiling. Also, there is also a highly recommended great activity & sleep tracking watch by Withings (Amazon).

Review and Discussion – Is this sleepman wristband worth buying?

Sleepman is a wearable device that helps you to track and enhance your overall sleeping behavior. Earlier on, they have had a successful Kickstarter campaign funded with the help of 323 backers. However, the project was later canceled with no disclosed reasons and upsetting their loyal fans. After a year of redesigning and upgrading, they are finally back up and ready for another uphill battle, the appearance is totally changed for good!

Should I spend money on it?

The new Sleepman is now smaller, sleeker and better. With the modern look and easy slap-and-go feature, Sleepman is functional and more user-friendly to fit our modern lifestyle. The device has a sensor stick to your wrist to read your pulses. For backers that helps to bring this campaign to live, they are giving away optional E-magnetic Adhesive Enhancer for free. The enhancer sticks to your palm and is to accurately track down your nerve pulses. Except for night sleep, the enhancer may not be useful as it can block your grip from carrying out your daily task.

When we fall asleep, our heart rate slows down.

The Sleepman App is available for Android and Apple devices. Via the app, you can learn your concentration level over the days, weeks and even for months. By reading the pulses, the device can learn when you need to rest and gives you a timely helpful advice. For example, It will notify you of how long should you be taking your power nap and your overall sleeping patterns via a user-friendly chart. Therefore, you can learn exactly which day of the week or hours of the day is your best performance. This is certainly useful as you can tactically set your study/reading time for the best outcome.

Another great feature of Sleepman is its alarm system. By reading your sleep behaviors, the device gently wakes you up at the right timing (end of the sleep cycle; read above for more) closest to your alarm time so that you can always awake in fully recharged!

For your reference purpose, Sleepman stores the history of your heart rhythm, oxygen level, sleep patterns, concentration level, etc. This is important to prevent the diseases like high blood pressure, and also for those who would like to monitor the disease better. Please be noted that Sleepman is not a medical device and all data is for reference purpose.

Also, Sleepman has a Night Sleep Enhancement mode. The mode generates micro-current impulses to induce deeper sleep and help you to have a more restful sleep. For a quick nap after a meal, there is a Power Nap mode for you. Similar to the Night Sleep Enhancement, the Power Nap mode wake you up at the light sleep phase (15~20 min) before you get into a deeper sleep stage.

Price, Discount, and Warranty

Sleepman is now funding on Kickstarter. Sleepman is now available for only $99, while you can enjoy a big discount cut up to 50% of the future retail price. The warranty is one year.