SmartTerra: A Self-maintained Terrarium With Sunrise, Sunsets, Rainstorms and Lightning


SmartTerra is an app-controlled natural terrarium with weathers.

Unlike this self-cleaning aquarium which we covered a while ago, this terrarium system by a startup called Chalard LLC is really innovative and boasts some highly specialized, technological advances that make it so one doesn’t really have to do anything in order to maintain it.


Everything, from lighting to temperature, to even watering is controlled via an app on your phone. It will even remind you to fertilize every 3 months. The terrarium is Bluetooth enabled to communicate with the app and send you alerts as to when to refill the water. It’s easily taken apart to clean, as well. This is possibly the smartest, most self-maintaining terrarium on the market.

What We Love

SmartTerra currently uses LED lights, but if enough people request UV lighting, they’re considering that as well. UV would make a more natural, near sun-like lighting for plants. But the LEDs are intuitive and do things such as to emulate sunrise and sunset. There are humidity and temperature sensors inside it.

Automatically, they are set to the environment of whatever room you have it in. However, you can create custom settings in the app to make it hotter, colder, more or less humid, depending on what your needs are.


One of the most interesting features is the speakers that are built into the SmartTerra.

Those and the lights can be synched to create a thunderstorm with the lightning display, which actually looks like rain and lightning inside it. It also has several other sounds it plays, including the tropical rainforest and ocean waves. You can even play your own music on it!

The terrarium can be more peaceful than a regular, everyday terrarium because of this ambiance.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this terrarium?

But, is the SmartTerra worth the money, even if it does do most everything for you?

Well, some things to consider are that you’ll have to tweak the settings if you intend to use it for something other than just your run-of-the-mill plants. If you intend to keep frogs/turtle in it or something, you’ll have to make the temperature settings different for them. It looks pretty much like an aquarium, with no real aesthetic differences between the two. There is the talk of a more oval-esque design in the future, but for now, it simply looks like any old rectangular aquarium.

However, if you have a cat, they’re going to want to lay on the top of it. You can’t let that happen because it heats up and also, it can’t stand having weight on the lid. So, that’s something to consider, as well.

Some other things to consider are that the shipping can cost as much as $150. That said, with each SmartTerra costs for $199 (Early Bird), you’ll pay at least $300 in total. With all of the features it has, it’s probably worth every bit of that, though. But, if you spend that much, you also need to know that shipping isn’t expected until 2019. Most people would forget they even ordered it in that length of time! That could be good if you’re one of those people that can receive something in the mail that they forgot about and kind of think of it like a surprise. Also, it doesn’t come with plants. You’ll have to buy those on your own. So, you’re already buying an over-priced noise machine with no plants in it.

On one hand, if you are simply looking for a much cheaper alternative, this reptile terrarium on Amazon can be a good choice for you.

Overall, I actually really like the idea of the SmartTerra. I will probably buy one myself because I love gardening, ambient noise, and technology, and this is a great combination of all 3. I would, however, put up a wait for this as I wouldn’t want to wait to get it. I would forget to buy plants after that long and the thing would probably just sit there making thunderstorm noises until I eventually remembered.