Snorelax – The Anti-snoring Strips

Snorelax is a new solution to your snoring problem. Do you really need to buy this product? You will know after reading this review.

Snoring has long been a problem for some people. Except for medical cases, It is usually caused by the relaxation of your jaw muscle that obstructs the airway, and eventually lead to the vibration of sounds. While there might be already plenty of solutions in the market, but we knew that very few of them are actually working.

Here are a few common solutions that can be found on Amazon, there is the mouth guards like this, straps, nose vents, and even the pillow. Just like you, we were skeptical about the effectiveness. Nonetheless, scroll down to check the buyer reviews and you will see why.

Here we have a new challenger called Snorelax on Kickstarter (now on Indiegogo) that claimed to solve your snoring problem.


But is it worth buying?

Review and Discussion – Does it really work?

Certainly, snoring is a big market all over the world, but to be honest, this product does not look promising at first until we scrolled down to the “proven by science” section. From the MRI scan, the image shows that the jaw being pulled up by the Snorelax strip and leaving the respiratory airway a wider space. Although the creator does not share the result data they received from the testing, but only with the “100% more refreshing sleep”, which is definitely true, as you can imagine having a strip pulling your face the whole night. So, let’s assumed that it’s working for most of us.

But, really?

On one hand, having your face being pulled the whole night surely doesn’t make you feel comfortable at all. Take a step back, no existing solution to snoring is comfortable. Ideally, the most comfortable solution should be this anti-snore pillow. That said, it greatly depends on the individual and several other factors, such as the posture, habit, and respiratory structure. If you are worried about how comfortable of Snorelax is, try to stick a paper strip on your face tonight.

Well… with that being said,

As for the women, you may need to think twice using this product. Your skin tightening routine can all be ruined and never be surprised waking up the next day with a floppy look. On one hand, this may not work well for elderly for the very same reason — loose and wrinkly skin.

Unlike the other products in the market, Snorelax is not reusable. Although each pack of Snorelax (30 days) costs you for about $30, there are also a few backers mentioned about the monthly recurring fees for this non-reusable snore strip is a big letdown to the product.

That said, there are actually quite a number of similar products in the market, such as this cheek strip and this strip for nasal. In compared to the other solutions, these two were by far received the much rather positive reviews from the customers.