Spin – A Spinning Flame in a Glass Tube

SPIN is a spinning flame in a tube that’s designed to be safe for both indoor and outdoor use. But, should you support this new Kickstarter project.

The creators describe it as a “fire tornado”, but it’s not as dangerous as that terminology sounds. It has a heat-resistant stand to keep it up off the ground (or other surfaces), uses a safe bioethanol fuel and has an extinguishing cap to put it out quickly and safely. It’s also not just something pretty to look at It produces heat to keep you warm.

While it’s pretty awesome to watch the SPIN, there are some flaws and drawbacks you should know about before making any purchasing decisions about it. 

Review and discussion – Worth it or worthless?

The biggest setback that you’re going to come across is the fuel. The SPIN requires bioethanol to operate. It was a great choice to use bioethanol to fuel this product because it doesn’t create a lot of pollution and it’s safe to use indoors and outdoors both.

But, the way that they’re selling it is what’s going to be the problem.


Hofat is going to make the fuel available to add on, but only in Europe. If you live in the United States, or anywhere else for that matter, you’re just out of luck. The company did state that they intend to put out replacement fuel recommendations for other countries, but they haven’t done that yet.

And, as far as using another type or brand of fuel with the SPIN goes, you probably could, but no one really knows. Other fuels and brands haven’t been tested on the SPIN, so it’s a bit of a risk, and may not be safe. 

While it’s always great to find a crowdfunded product which you can purchase replacement fuel for, the drawback with the SPIN is the fact that you’ll definitely NEED to purchase it, and often.

The fuel canister holds only enough fuel to burn for around an hour and a half.

You’ll then have to turn it off and wait 15 minutes for the thing to cool down so that you can add more fuel to it and start it up again. The fuel they’re offering costs around 5 Euros, and contains around 500 ml of fuel.

So, it’s easy to see where that’s going to get expensive fast. If you use the thing as long as one would a bonfire, from 4-6 hours, you’re going to have to refill it 3-4 times in one night.

So, don’t buy this product thinking that you can use it to replace a bonfire that lasts all night, because you simply can’t. 

Backers are also noticing a major problem with the pricing of the product, as well. It costs around 89 Euros for a single SPIN unit. But, many backers are upset by the pricing for the x2 pack: approximately 190 Euros. This means that they’re charging around 95 Euros per unit in the 2 pack, which is easily 10 Euros more per unit. And yet, they’re presenting this as a discount.

You also don’t have the option to buy two single packs. When you ask them to put you down for 2, they tell you to back the x2 pack.

So, they’re forcing people to pay more to buy 2, providing very little (if any) incentive to buy more.

As a Stretch Goal, they decided to add on a Johnny Catch Magnet to the 2 packs, which is another one of their products, and is a mounted bottle opener with a magnet on it to catch bottle caps.

It’s supposed to be a free perk, and the shipping is supposed to be discounted on the 2 packs, so it’s unclear what they’re charging extra for. 

Wrap up

So, is it worth it? Maybe if you don’t mind buying fuel every time you want to use it, and don’t mind to only use it for an hour and a half. But, it doesn’t even cook food the way that a campfire would, doesn’t last nearly as long, and you can’t just throw a log on it to feed and fuel it. So, that’s a lot of money to spend any time that you want to look at a pretty flame, which doesn’t seem practical at all.