STEALTHO Wheels – The Office Chair Caster Wheels

STEALTHO is the new office caster wheels campaign on Kickstarter. In this review, we will discuss if these chair wheels worth a buy.

Did you know that it’s an average of 18 years a normal person would spend on sitting down? To most of us white-collar workers, hunching over a computer screen is part of the lifestyle and people do that for a living — on the office chair.

On top of that, one of the biggest problems of the office chair gives you is the wheels problems, such as jamming with dust/dirt inside, damaging the floor and cables, falling off and not rolling for no good reason (broken), etc.

For that, STEALTHO claims to be the new solution to your problem.

We will see.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this caster wheels?

The very first impression of this China-made Ukraine product named STEALTHO wheels is its design very much resembling those existing caster wheels on the market. Certainly, it does a better job than this conventional office wheels which often gave us lots of troubles, but not more than that. In fact, these wheels are pretty much like any newer caster wheels you can get on Amazon, with almost no specialty — The same bearing system, material, locking system and more, except for the fact that it has a gimmicky night glowing effect.

Take this one as an example, the campaign page extremely biased on explaining the “Amazon wheels” by selectively using the “0 stars reviews” doesn’t really summarize the product. In fact from the provided link above, you can easily tell that they have received an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars and has been listed as “Amazon’s Choice”, which is the total opposite of what claims on their campaign page.

Commonly, if they are “fragile” and “easily broken” as stated on the campaign page, that would not be so many positive reviews. Same goes to most of the other caster wheels on Amazon, which mostly receiving good ratings from the customers.

While for the rest of the claims, such as floor-friendly, barrier-free rolling and no noises, will only be verified once the product is received.

On the other hand, the color option is limited.

And the creator has responded that to a $50,000 Stretch goal for red color.

Overall, is this caster wheels worth it? We stand neutral on this one. The price is $40 for a set of 5 wheels plus an additional $10 of shipping fees (Free shipping for the US) which is slightly higher than most of its competitors at around $10~$35.